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We are so excited to be able to offer this unique 10 day challenge to a better you!

Improve your focus, fat loss, energy, bloating, mood and sleep.

Including 10 consecutive days of HIIT Fitness Sessions (value $150), 10 days of Therapeutic Ketone Drinks (value $110), Recipes ($25) and more…for $199 investment in you. (total value $285)

Starting Monday 21st Oct 6pm for registration and introduction with HIIT sessions starting at 7pm on weekdays with Saturday and Sunday at 5pm.

I’m sure you are asking what is a Therapeutic Ketone Drink? With Pruvit Keto Nat//OS this amazing drink made with all natural ingredients – no nasties – and the only one on the market to not be synthetically produced, is known to put you into a state of ketosis within 30-60mins therefore producing ketones via your liver that is a source of fuel for your body that is known to improve focus, fat loss, energy, greater clarity, improved mood and sleep. Along with a good nutritional approach & commitment results can be achieved. If you would like to know more about how ketones work follow this link

Along with a range of recipes that are healthy, easy to make, low in carbs, high in vegetables along with a small amount of protein, good oils and no processed sugars you will be feeling amazing.

10 Day Challenge