A warm welcome to the 10 Day Healthy Food Challenge!

Download your 10 Day Health Food Challenge guide below for the next 10 days.

Click here for your 10 Day Healthy Food Challenge pdf

Here are the first steps for you to prepare for this challenge.

  • Starts Monday ???
  • Download the above pdf that will give you all the information you need
    • The Recommended Allowed foods list – I highly recommend you go shopping Saturday or Sunday and buy what you need for at least 3-4 days and go through your pantry and clean out anything that will tempt you or won’t serve you during this 10 days.
    • Recipes – including vegetarian options
    • Hints and tips to make it an easier transition
  • Join our Private Facebook Group, where you can ask me any questions, tell us what is happening to you, share pictures of your meals and be supportive to others in the group – you do need a Facebook account to join Private Facebook Group Join Here If you don’t have a Facebook don’t worry you will still be getting the daily email you’ll just miss a bit of swapping of ideas.
  • Each day I will email you a quick 5min video about the day ahead and hints and tips.
  • PS – Make sure you stay hydrated – about 8 cups of water a day! Remember I start mine with 2 big glasses of water to get me going – every day!