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A big thank you for joining us, to be willing to try something new and being curious and interested in your own health that will hold you in good stead for the future. 

JC and I are still here to support you and below are some things to think about or consider moving forward. If you have any questions or thoughts on what is next for you, please let us know and we can help wherever we can.

    • Take a moment to think what you have learnt and let go of habits that don’t serve you well
    • If you popped on the scales to start, check your weight to see if there has been any change.
    • Start reintroducing foods that you enjoy but not on the list – see information above
    • Cook more from scratch, start looking at alternatives that you would normally buy off the shelf like we now make our own jam and mayonnaise and I do these whilst cooking dinner. There a quick, easy ways to make nearly everything you can find at the supermarket.
    • Check your labels – always! If there are vegetable oils/canola oil, numbers, colours, flavours then think again, is there a better alternative or can I make myself or can I go without?
    • If you are looking to lose 10kg plus in weight I highly recommend Changing Habits who have 2 options both of which I have undertaken. Click here