A Great Thoracic Stretching Exercise

Easy Thoracic Mobility Exercise
An easy exercise to do at home or work! Thoracic mobility (ribs) are often an over looked area of mobility and stretching. A stiff thoracic can cause neck, shoulders and hip problems. You may not even know that you have a stiff thoracic however you experience soreness especially whilst sitting at a desk, in your car or when standing for long hours? This exercise is ideal for improving your thoracic mobility
1. Grab a small head pillow & your roller
2. Lie on the floor on your left side with bottom leg straight, top leg is bent with a 90 degree bend with your knee on top of the roller with both hands together
2. With your right hand slowly drive with your right elbow over to your right side opening up your right shoulder. Be sure to keep your right knee on the roller – do not strain yourself
3. As you stretch over turn your head to follow your hand
4. Slowly return to the left placing your hands together
5. Do this 5 times then proceed to do on your right hand side.