A good piece of advice..

A piece of good advice – that was given to our son this week from our Chiropractor Michael from Sexton Chiropratic.  Our son is on the Autism Spectrum so we are always looking at ways to help guide him through life, hence I have been reading about the importance of Mitochondria which to my VERY basic understanding is that our Mitochondria are the power plants of our cells that give us our energy.  Now please don’t quote me on any of this as I am no expert but I asked Michael to explain it to Jack as he takes advice way better from others than his parents – His advice to Jack was simple,

1Eat well
2. Move well
3. Think well (he went on to say that when Jack’s mind is upset find a place to relax his mind)

4. Don’t put bad stuff in (your body doesn’t like processed foods and added sugars)

That night Jack was talking to JC about what he learned today and showed him the 4 points on our blackboard. It made me proud that he was understanding the importance of looking after his health.
SO…. long story short or short story long I think these 4 points are something we should ALL aim for each day.