Top 10 Spring Hints

Top 10 Spring Hints
  1. Get 8-10 hours quality sleep a night – this reduces the negative hormones and promotes healthy hormone levels so if you are not getting that go to bed earlier or come and talk to us we have quite a bit of information we can share with you on how to sleep better.
  2. Try and eat 15-20 different fruits, vegetables & whole foods a day – did you know some Australians don’t even eat that in a week and yet we can put at least 10 different vegetables into a salad and yes we do count the different foods we eat each day.
  3. If watching TV or reading a book – do a bit of stretching on the floor at the same time – better yet use your foam roller & spiky ball
  4. Plan a walk each weekend with a family member – its a good chance to catch up even if just around the block – put a backpack on for some added weight with a couple of books they work well.
  5. Do something mindless – we do jigsaw puzzles all the time – happy to swap with anyone!
  6. Eat celery – apparently you burn more calories eating and digesting it
  7. Park you car further away from the entrance to the shops or simply take the stairs instead of elevators – it really does count
  8. Do 2 push ups, 2 sit ups and 2 lunges a day – increase it if you like
  9. Do a new physical activity with your family each month – often when we go out riding or walking every seat we see we do 10 push ups
  10. Good Posture – try this – put an alarm on you phone for every 15 mins just for one day and when it goes off think “how good is my posture right now?”