A time to reflect & a year to look forward to…

It’s nice to reflect on a year past and think of all that we’ve achieved and what we are grateful for. We encourage everyone to do this as sometimes we focus on what hasn’t happened over what has happened. We thought we would share a little with you of our year.

No doubt our wedding was a highlight for our whole family, Jackson & Jessica couldn’t be happier to have a ‘real dad’ again which means an awful lot to me after losing their dad to cancer a few years ago. And to have found JC with his loving and caring nature we have all blossomed and found a new family to love, albeit they live in California & Neveda – so unfortunately (not) we must visit them every year especially as JC’s mom is 94 and his Dad 90 years young!

On a low note losing my mum to Leukaemia has created a hole in my, and my family’s, lives. I’ve always said if I am half the person my mum is I would be a good person. We miss her deeply and I know there are others of you who have faced the grief of losing someone this year but we hope that you find some peace and wonderful memories to keep close to your heart.

On the work front we obviously took on ALTA Fitness – this has been a huge learning curve for us but one we are thoroughly enjoying!  I was looking back through photos and the change in the studio is more than I thought and we really hope you are enjoying them. More importantly we feel we are starting to really build a little ALTA Fitness community with you all and hope you feel the same. I love what we are doing and I finish my Certificate III this month so you may have me for a class or two this year – this job has to be THE most rewarding I have ever done, now I see why JC has been in this industry so long.

We’ve also had the privilege of travel when we took 14 teenagers to Silverstar in Canada for a Ski camp early in the year and we’ve been up to Falls Creek several times and of course our memorable trip to the US.

In addition we have added two very cute members to our family, Tic Tac & Grace our new cats. Our children are healthy & happy and had a good year at school and their varied activities keep us super busy from basketball and soccer, to Little Aths and Tennis, to Piano, Guitar and Singing – luckily some of these activities are done at school.  With active twins are lives are full but we wouldn’t have it any other way it’s a delight watching them develop (even despite their sibling fighting escapades!).

Lastly, we have some great plans for ALTA Fitness this year coming and we look forward to sharing some of these with you over the coming weeks and months.  It is our wish to build a friendly, happy place to get fit with expert staff to make sure you, our clients, are getting what you want from us for your fitness & health needs.

We always appreciate feedback, suggestions or comments so please never hesitate to talk, email, phone us if you have anything you’d like to tell us. PS. don’t forget our growing library of books which you are welcome to borrow.

We look forward to the year ahead and helping you on your journey to a fitter, healthier, happier you.  

JC & Linda and the ALTA Fitness Team

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