Goals Help Us To Keep Fit

Having a goal is often the most underrated motivation for getting fitter. Why? If you don’t have a reason eventually exercise becomes boring or you just keep going but don’t see any improvements. When you have a slump or are feeling tired it’s that goal that you have that will keep you moving.

So how do I get a goal? You may think that is a silly question however you have a goal for family, finances, work commitments – what is your fitness goal?

Ours this year is the Otway Odessy Mountain Bike Race on Feb 25th, JC is doing the 2 day 50km race and I am doing the 30km Saturday race. Next is the big one – Switzerland Niesenlauf Stair Climb, 11,641 steps or 3.4km up a steep hill – think we are crazy! Well I do at least but JC is always keeping us motivated with new adventures that ALWAYS includes some sort of physical activity. And I ALWAYS think WHAT! NO WAY! But I end up training for them and doing them and loving them! And of course we take our children on the adventure too.