Checking with your health cover provider…

We have been asked a few times can I claim our sessions through my health insurance? It is not a simple answer and really depends on your Health Insurance Provider.  Our provider CBHS supports a number of PT sessions or memberships as well as referrals by doctors for weight loss or rehab. Others like Medibank will only if a Physio present and BUPA will if you have a doctor referral – so check with your provider you may at least be able to claim a small amount towards your fitness.

Lastly for HiCaps you need to be a Health Professional which unfortunately Personal Trainers are not – however we believe there should be more assistance for people to improve their health before they get hurt or sick. It’s well documented that exercise helps with heart disease, cancer prevention, diabetes and so many other health issues so why not help people be fitter than just pay for when they aren’t.  Just a thought….

We welcome any comments!