Blood Pressure Taking

We have a new blood pressure cuff & stethoscope which overtime you will become familiar with at assessment time. However if you’d like to know what your blood pressure is at anytime let us know and we can test you.

A little background…Blood pressure varies from moment to moment and possibly day to day depending on your activities i.e. during sleep, relaxing, exercising. It rises when you are excited, stressed or exercising, drinking caffeine, certain medicines & cold temperature. Temporary rises are natural and your blood pressure returns to normal when you rest. Don’t take your blood pressure if you are stressed, uncomfortable or in pain.

Why take your blood pressure?  It will give us an indication of your blood pressure status and if it is high or low blood which could affect your exercise program we may recommend to check with your GP or health professional.

What to do before we take your blood pressure.

  • Be relaxed and comfortable.
  • Avoid drinking tea or coffee, or smoking 30minutes before.
  • We’ll take you upstairs where it is more comfortable place without distractions
  • Wait at least 5minutes after you are comfortable before taking the reading.
  • Sit with your feet flat on the floor, legs uncrossed, upper arm bare and with your back and arm supported.

When we have your reading we will record it for you and record any comments and you can discuss with your GP or health professional on your next visit if you wish.