How much sugar is in my food?

We have a little display on how much sugar is in some popular drinks and products and it has created lots of discussion. Some people are surprised by how much or little is in something but its more like wow I didn’t know that Gatorade had so much sugar in it! Or wow I can eat a packet of Tim Tams in a day or two and that is how much sugar I’m consuming! And then we have the healthier alternatives that yes may contain sugar but we think it’s all about choices depending on your goals. It’s about minimising as much added sugars as possible, eat wholesome, made from scratch foods with good, organic ingredients. This is what we advise our clients – look at your diet, use a food diary, show us and we can help give you some guidance or refer you to specialists to get you on the right track.
All we ask of you is to really consider what you are eating as the Sugar Addiction cycle is perpetual – it doesn’t stop unless you get off the wagon.

1 – You eat sugar and like it. 
2 – Blood sugar levels spike, dopamine is released in the brain equalling addiction. 
3 – Blood Sugar levels fall rapidly – High insulin levels cause immediate fat storage – the body craves the lost sugar ‘High’.
4 – Hunger and Cravings from low blood sugar levels occur and thus the cycle begins again!
When reading labels a quick measure is that for every 4-5g sugar = 1 teaspoon of sugar.
Eat for Health, an Australian Government site gives a great example on how to read labels.