Healthy Eating for the Festive Season

What makes for healthy eating during the festive season?

With Christmas coming up fast and having just got out of lockdown many of us are wanting to take off a few kilos (me included!). We’re all thinking arghh it’s Christmas and I’m going to all these get togethers and lunches and dinners and drinks and think ‘Stuff it’, let’s have a good time and then come January we are regretting a little too much as are the extra, extra kilo’s.

I have one very, very big tip on how to eat healthy over the coming months.

Don’t eat processed foods and only eat quality takeout!

That’s it, simple! Why simple? Because nearly all processed foods, and fast food take away, contain excessive ingredients compared to home-made. They have preservatives, thickeners, sugars, bad oils like vegetable and canola (don’t be fooled if it says organic canola – it doesn’t make this ingredient healthier) and they use cheap ingredients many of which cause inflammation and increase body fat – Yep, they will put unhealthy fat on your body and cause weight gain!

So what does make for healthy eating during the festive season?

Home cooked food that use simple one off ingredients – when I say one off this means that it is simple such as sugar – Rapadura is one, flour – Emmets Wheat – Eggs (organic free range) – organic fruit and vegetables, legumes they have no pesticides or chemicals – Grass fed meat (organic where possible), quality butter & olive oil… What all these have in common is they have no extra processing, colours, flavours, thickeners, preservatives and more – in other words know where your food comes from and what are the ingredients.

Make from scratch, look for recipes that use simple ingredients yes it takes time to shop and cook but if you get prepared now, fill your pantry and fridge with simple ‘one off’ ingredients and then, when you are invited over to family or friends or having people to your place, you will have all you need to make healthy treats, meals and snacks that taste way better and are fresh AND you get compliments too ‘Ohh WOW you made this, it’s delicious!’.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.