Softdrinks – There is nothing nutritionally good for you in these drinks.

Softdrinks – there is nothing nutritionally good for you in them.

Soft drinks – this is what I shared with those who have been doing the 10 (20) Day Healthy Food Challenge. There is no nutritional value in a soft drink whether full brew or diet / no sugar. This goes for almost all of the bottled drinks out there including iced teas, sports drinks and even most juices.

Here’s what happens when you drink soft drinks and if you are having them hopefully this will put you off or at least keep them to once a week.


Within the first 10 minutes of drinking a soft drink 10 teaspoons of sugar and not necessarily normal sugar but high fructose corn syrup is the norm, hit your system. This is 100 per cent of your recommended daily intake, and the only
reason you don’t vomit from the overwhelming sweetness is because phosphoric acid cuts the flavour. Wait till you hear what phosphoric acid does to you.

Within 20 minutes of drinking a soft drink
Your blood sugar spikes and your liver responds to the resulting insulin burst by turning massive amounts of sugar into fat. The continuing insulin burst, over time, eventually creates insulin resistance and finally diabetes and/or fatty liver can be the result.

Within 40 minutes of drinking a soft drink
Caffeine absorption is complete; your pupils dilate, your blood pressure rises, your blood vessels dilate and your liver dumps more sugar into your bloodstream.

Around 45 minutes after you have drunk the soft drink
Your body increases serotonin production, which stimulates the pleasure centres of your brain – a chemically identical response to that of heroin, but not as strong. So you might think this is a good thing but, in reality, too much of a good thing, too many times a day, can cause anxiety and depression, feed the wrong microbes in your gut and thus decrease immunity.

After 60 minutes of drinking a soft drink
You’ll start to have a sugar crash. A sugar crash typically shows signs of lethargy and weakness; hunger may also become noticeable, as well as sadness, which of course brings on the need for another sugar fix.

What else can you drink: my go too is simply water, then next mineral water with a slice of lemon and some mint – refreshing and natural.

Source: The Nutrition Academy: Introduction to Nutrition Course (that I’m currently undertaking)