Jennifer Rouse – Member of Senior Ladies Session
During my 6 months at ALTA Fitness my trainer Lisa has been motivational and an inspiration in helping me achieve the body strength and fitness I have today. Lisa always has a smile and with her sunny personality makes exercising fun as well as helping me to achieve my fitness goals – Feb 2017. Picture: Jennifer is on the left with Lisa and her good friend Cheryl.
Paul Kaufman – Business Owner, Masters Pursuit
Couldn’t have done this without JC – thanks! – Mar 2016. Picture courtesy of Paul skiing somewhere!
Kay Cole – One of our favourite clients!
As I am in my 90th year I need plenty of loving care and expert help to keep me on my feet with the energy to enjoy the last miles coming up the straight to the final post. This loving care and expert help I get from Lisa who trains me to strengthen my legs and arms, walk without wobbling and stand on one leg (not that I need to do that often but the side effects are great). I was not too keen to sample this gym when I heard about it thinking that it would kill me after 87 years of desultory tennis and no other exercise. I had no idea that going to a gym could be such a pleasant experience. When I arrive Lisa makes me so welcome and enjoys helping me to become, if not an Olympic athlete, a (fairly) vigorous old lady. We have a great time together. The whole atmosphere at ALTA Fitness is welcoming and is staffed by people who are obviously experts in their field, pleasant and fun. Kay Cole – June 2016. Picture of Kay (centre) celebrating her 90th birthday at the studio with her friends.
Casey Wright – National Cross Country Skier
I have had the pleasure of knowing JC since I was around 13 years old. He has been my cross-country coach now for the past 4 years. I can honestly say that without JC’s extensive knowledge and experience working with elite endurance athletes, especially in the field of strength and conditioning, I would not be where I am today as an athlete. This year I represented Australia at the 2015 Falun World Championships, Sweden.
JC understands that in order for an athlete to reach their full potential, physical and mental health and wellbeing needs to be closely monitored. The enthusiasm that he brings to every session and the unconditional time he devotes to all of his athletes continues to impress me. Further more, his outstanding drive to continually build his knowledge and understanding of coaching elite endurance athletes provides me with the confidence that his training methods are valid and will result in the desired outcomes – May 2015. Picture of Casey training with JC at Falls Creek, Casey is now living in Alaska fulfilling her dream to get to the Olympics.
Nicky Green –  Golfer (High level club player)
I have known JC for 6 years. He has been my personal trainer throughout this time.  We have worked on balance strengths, and on conditioning for Golf.
Over the years I have noticed that I am physically balanced, due to the full body exercises, that give you more control of all muscles. This is a large part of golf conditioning as well. JC’s expertise in balance strength & golf conditioning had been beneficial for all aspects of my Golfing Life. JC also makes exercising fun – May 2015. Picture: Nicky doesn’t tell you this but she is always winning tournaments!


Ingrid Tsiligiannis –  Marathon Runner
I have enjoyed my time training with JC and over the years have had some pleasing results with my running times, in particular Marathons. We have always followed a varied and innovative approach to strength training, core stability and flexibility – May 2015. Picture of Ingrid winning her age group



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