If you are interested in being coached by a Kion Certified coach you’ve arrived at the right place!

After following Ben Greenfield from his early years I started to implement his learnings on myself as a guinea pig first, then after further readings and what I was experiencing and learnings over the past few years I decided that Kion University was going to be an integral part of my practice here at ALTA Fitness.


I’ve been helping people achieve their goals be it the Olympics, competing in high-performance sports, rehabilitation or just simply keeping fit so that they can live longer, healthier lives. My own experience in international sports was a great basis for learning about correct, or not so correct, ways to improve my athletic performance and coaching practices, and what I have learned from there I want to share this with others.


Which is why with 25+ years experience in sport, wearing many hats including being an international athlete, coaching, ski instructor, personal training, rehabilitation and exploring new ways to help people live healthy longer, my wife and I opened our own studio. We bring to our clients a top class fitness studio with scientifically based programs, that are not a one size fit all approach. We look at the individual as a whole.


But not only that I, my wife and children, live and breathe the philosophy of fitter, healthier, happier it’s not just what we do physically but also how we live our lives and tend to our whole wellbeing. And yes our lives and house are testaments to all our learnings and experiences much of which were introduced by listening to the likes of Ben Greenfield and those he interviews. Just a few things that we see daily benefits from are Kion Aminos, our Joov Red Light Therapy Lamps & Bio Mat Infrared Sleep Mat, Qualia Supplements, Earth Runners, home air filters and lots of green air purifying plants in our home and so much more.


Along with my wife we are raising teenage twins, Jess & Jack engaging them with our love of exercise, hiking, good organic food, a love of reading and a passion to be good citizens for our community and planet – well we hope so! My favourite part of the day is our nightly ritual where we all sit at the table sharing our day with good food, a glass of organic, preservative free red wine and a scented candle.


In saying all the above you can see my passion which started in a love for sports has grown into a lifetime of exploring all the ways we can enhance our overall wellbeing be it being fitter, healthier or happier and sharing it with others.


Book a consultation with me now and I’ll show you how to reach your goals whatever they may be.

Jean-Claude (JC) Legras



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