Well this wasn’t what we expected when we opened our studio 4 years ago to have to close the doors during Government restrictions. We have always loved working from our studio but throughout all the recent changes we’ve also found a love for the outdoor training forum and online via Zoom! So welcome, we are so pleased to be offering the following until we can return to the studio but utmost in our mind is keeping our community fitter, healthier and happier.

  • Personal Training 1 on 1 or 2 via zoom (video) – make a regular time each week and do from your own home, we’ll give you a list of items to ideally help your session
  • Outdoor Training 1 on 1 or 2 – strict safe distance ruling, bring own equipment or we can help equip you – location: Brinsley Reserve, Camberwell

Andrew and I highly recommend giving the outdoor sessions with Linda or JC a go. The sessions are challenging, fun and safe. There is plenty of space to work out, and JC and Linda give a lot of thought to the variety of exercises predominantly using your own body weight. We feel really good at the end of the sessions. It is great to be able to keep up the exercise and get some fresh air before starting a day’s work.
Andrea Couttie’

  • Individual Programs to do in your own home on your own schedule – we have options for a one off individual program, to a 4 week program that involves 3×30 min sessions each week individualised to you.
  • Small Group Sessions via Zoom – yes we keep them small so we can ensure we look after your technique and train safely
Details for Outdoors Training
Address: Brinsley Reserve situated between Brinsley Rd & Wandin Rd, Camberwell – 4 mins from our studio
Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 10.48.27 am.png
– Bring a mat – nice to have so we can lie/sit on the ground for stretches and core exercises
– If you have any equipment of your own to bring ie bands, weights, balls etc please feel free to do so
– We do have some equipment to purchase if you would like. Such as foam rollers, massage sticks/balls, power bands, some weight wall balls same as we use at the studio
– Bring a warm jacket / beanie – weather dependant
– Filled Water Bottle
What you can expect
– No contact with other participants
– Lots of body weight exercises
– Cardio – yes but it doesn’t mean we’ll be running around the block
– Warm Up / Cool Down
– No toilet amenities close by – (except for trees!)

Call Linda on 0410 544 759 or JC on 0478 616 210 or drop us an email below, we’d love to help you with your fitness – fitter, healthier, happier!