Sharing our reflections & stories of 2019…

We believe that taking some time to reflect and recharge is time well spent. This year as JC, Jess, Jack and I were hiking through the Victorian Highlands we started asking each other to say in three words something about the year and this has continued throughout the past few days with things we are grateful for, what we learnt, what we’ve done for the community etc. Listening to Jack and Jess reel off what went well like starting High School, Jack and his camps especially the 4 week Wardolf 100 tour and Jess with all the new sports she tried, new friends, drama, house music and her community award, made me realise one, how wonderful the life of young can sound so simple and two, how we often get bogged down with the day to day forgetting to smell the roses.

My first words were difficult, busy and achievements and I thought “Well that was a bit negative” but then all the other positive things began to flow and how much we had achieved, were grateful for and then all the positives came to light. And also the stories – there is nothing like long hikes and bike rides to have time to talk and we shared many stories of our year because whilst we live with each other every day we don’t always share the stories or backgrounds to something we did. And personally I love a story and said out loud to someone can really bring across the emotions that they hold – in fact sometimes it is quite therapeutic like sharing a story of my mum.

Oh and if your are wondering JC and I decided to do our 3 words for 2019 and they were Family, Achievement & Community.

  • Family – was no. 1 as seeing Jack & Jess thriving at High School taking the new changes on with bravado and enthusiasm, for seeing JC’s family in the US this year was particularly special and my side of the family seeing my nieces and nephews growing up and how proud we are of our own brothers and sisters for what they take on in life and achieve.
  • Achievement – was no. 2 simply because I (Linda) finally finished by PT studies early in 2019 and that is a whole other story! But we also have lots of other achievements including building and being more a part of our community.
  • Community – this year we added in to our nightly dinner routine ‘What did you do for the community today’. This one sentence has led us all to be much more mindful and active in our community. We think that by being asked this question nightly it has raised our awareness from picking up rubbish in the streets, being more active with the Canterbury Community Action Group, doing more for our environment including activities for climate change and last, but by far least, our ALTA community, sharing the benefits of health and fitness and it is not just with you our clients but we have been very active sharing our stories/blogs or doing talks/workshops to the broader community including helping out with Jack & Jess’ sports teams.

Now to a very important part of our lives and 2019 is you, our clients, and how much we appreciate that we can be there to help you be fitter, healthier and happier but also how much we appreciate you sharing your lives with us. We all have our ups and downs, good days, bad days and we all have a story. The stories been shared have come from many a different views or topics some hilarious, others sad, memorable, lots of sports, politics, children/grandchildren, holidays and lots on health! We love sharing what we are passionate about and hearing yours too, as my mum used to say ‘Variety is the spice of life’ and ours I am pleased to say is very spicy!

Now we don’t want to do all the reflecting so we asked our team to share too.

I have absolutely loved my first year working at ALTA. I feel privileged to work with and alongside such passionate individuals who truly care about the health and wellbeing of others. Thank you JC, Linda, the trainers, and all the clients for making me feel welcome. We work hard, laugh and have a lot of fun (especially in our group sessions)! I’ve never felt more at home. Looking forward to the New Year and all the wonderful things it has to offer!  Estelle

I’ve spent the best part of the last two years studying my Diploma of Nutrition and Dietetics and in November I completed it. But my thirst for knowledge is not yet satiated. With hopes of studying further in February next year. In June my family and I went to Bali for a much needed family holiday – two weeks of R&R and hiking volcanoes in the middle of the night. I have lots of laughs with my clients, but in particular working with Joyce has been very rewarding this year. She has proven that she has still got it despite the physical challenges that life has thrown her way. She continues to come every Tuesday for her torture session with her enthusiastic juventarian trainer. On that note, I plan to give a presentation one evening in February on Healthy Longevity. Details to follow. I wish you all a harmonious and adventurous 2020! See you soon. Amy

Lastly, our family saying for this year is “2020 is going to be a great year!’. We are excited and really looking forward to 2020 and helping you all in achieving fitter, healthier and happier lives and continuing to share stories and in 3 words help you to be FITTER, HEALTHIER & HAPPIER.

From JC, Linda and all of the ALTA Fitness Team

No. 5 in our series of core activation exercises – the side plank.

No. 5 in our series of core activation exercises – the side plank. This is often an under developed area and helps to strengthen your shoulder girdle and obliques.

No.4 Core activation utilising the tower to do a transverse oblique exercise, standing on rotating discs.

More on our core activation today we are utilising the tower to do a transverse oblique exercise, standing on rotating discs. This exercise is a step up from having your feet firmly planted on the ground, enforcing you to have greater stability in your hips and obliques.

No. 3 of our Core Activation series, assisted roll up / roll down focussing on the rectus abdominis muscles.

No. 3 of our Core Activation series, assisted roll up / roll down. Rather than doing a sit up, this assisted exercise allows you to really focus on the rectus abdominis muscles.

Core Activation No. 2! Welcome to our next core activation exercise in our series.

Core Activation No. 2! Welcome to our next core activation exercise in our series, we had a question regarding can we do the same exercise using a power band from last week – Yes we can!

Core Stability Exercises – Part 1 of 6

For the next 6 weeks we are going to focus on various core stability exercises. Ideally do them at home or your gym (or us if you want to join ). They are great for helping your golf, tennis or any sport really as well as for your daily activities.

Keeping Motivated

Staying motivated when the to do list is 10 pages long, the kids are consuming most of your energy and your not making any headway at work is hard! If we are strategic we can harness motivation and sustain it for a greater amount fo time. Here is a list of things you can try to help you to keep your motivation levels high.  

  • Set your goal and visualise yourself attaining every specific detail of that goal.
    •  For example if your goal is to dead lift 50kg, picture yourself looking at the weight, see yourself gripping the the bar from pinky to thumb, with controlled breathe and lifting the weight with perfect technique and ease. 
  • Make a list of reason why you want to achieve your goal.
    •  Don’t write it in your phone or on your iPad, physically write it down on a piece of paper and in your journal. Connect to your goal manually and create a deeper and more active mental connection. 
  • Break down your goal and set specific goals and targets.
    • Slowly chip away at your goal. Break it down and into small and realistic steps that you know you’ll be able to achieve. 
  • Pre- determine how you will deal with flagging motivation.
    • Don’t be so hard on yourself and allow some room for error and the occasional set back. Put things in perspective and think of some of the hardship your friends, family or even inspirations have gone through in order to reach their goals. Often when you see the bigger picture it is easier to see that while others may ignite you, you are the only one standing in the way of the things you want to accomplish. 

You can do this! 

Final Week of our Snow Clinic.

Week 6 and final week of our snow clinic BUT we are always here to help. If you have any questions or want some help with your home exercises or how to get prepared, put in a comment and will get back to you! Happy Skiing, Snowboarding, Tobagging, Snow Man Building and Snow ball fights!

Week 5 Of Getting Fit for the Snow Season

Week 5 Get Fit for the Snow Season, welcome back for our hints and tips putting some exercises together. #snowfitness #skifit #perisherresort #fallscreek #ausxc #snowboard #mt_buller #ausxcjunior #xcfitness

Welcome to Week 4 of Getting Snow Fit

Welcome to week 4 of Get Fit for the Southern Hemisphere Snow Season, we’ll be taking you to the next level of fitness hints and tips to do in your gym or at home. #altafitnesssnowfit #skiing #snowboard #skifit