Welcome to our Client of the Month Page – Why do we do it? Because it is a chance for us to recognise our clients efforts be it how long they’ve been coming or perhaps achieving their goal or just because they are committed to their health – Enjoy reading about our clients as we love learning more about them and celebrating their successes.

December 2018

Paul has been one of JC’s longest clients and sometimes I confuse for each other – can you see the resemblance! Paul said…9 years ago, being a 54 year old keen skier and having had a knee operation, I went in search of a personal trainer. At Fitness First I came across the CV of a trainer who specialised in rehab and skiing – JC, he was the trainer for me!

I have trained with JC consistently ever since. He has helped me develop my core fitness and incorporating specific ski related strengthening and balance exercises. Adding flexibility to my ageing body has been a central theme to our exercise regime and, of course, aerobic capacity is an important element as well and which JC introduces strategically in advance of my regular ski trips. In very real terms I have experienced the benefit of accumulated fitness over this period.

Being in my 60’s, I consider it a true gift to not only be able to continue my sporting passion, but to do so at an improving standard and on increasingly challenging terrain. Thank you JC and team.

And Thank You Paul you are a gentleman whose steps we wish to follow and ski for a long time yet!

November 2018

Yee started with us in March and in the last 6 months has come leaps and bounds with her rehab, fitness and strength and always with a lovely smile and hello!

Yee said “JC has been instrumental in my injury rehabilitation, as well as my initial simple request to increase physical fitness to keep up with my demanding toddler. His training sessions are enjoyable and fun. I often joke that he must have dreamt about those exercises in his sleep, as they look crazy but it works! JC is also fantastic with tweaking exercises to suit the circumstance, and warming up certain muscles beforehand for the “big show”.

I have now challenged JC to achieve my next objective to lift my toddler so he can sit on my shoulders. ALTA Fitness – you’ve got my vote. I rave to all my friends about you!”

Thanks Yee, we rave about you too!

October 2018

Andrew Walker has been cross country ski racing since1979.  In Andrew’s words ‘’I love the sense of competition in a sport that involves the whole body and that is done in the mountains.   I had a medical issue in June 2015 which meant I could not actively ski.  After recovery, I decided to go to the Masters World Cross Country Championships in Finland. I like to be competitive, and I know JC is a very good XC coach and strength trainer and not far from home, I started coming to ALTA in October 2015.   The work with JC has lifted my skiing to another level.  I’ve won my age group at the Kangaroo Hoppet the past 3 years, including the recent (perfect) event at end of August where I was 12 minutes up on 2nd.  And I’ve been well prepared for the Masters XC races at Voukatti, Finland and at Klosters, Switzerland in 2017.   I’m now on track for the Masters in Norway next March.

During my time at ALTA, I’ve also focused on roller skiing and cycling. My roller skiing times have dropped by nearly 20%, particularly on the roads around Cape Conran, Lake Mountain and Royal Park.   A completely different strength program helped make the Bright Alpine Buffalo Sunrise cycle event (200 k starting @ 4:00 am, in rain) in late January a really pleasant ride!  To relax, I indulge in the occasional 6 hour Rogaine and get out for an occasional run.  I love the discipline, effort and improvement of strength and conditioning training, and with some yoga added, everything is all very good.  For my sessions, they are always different and I am invigorated by working the same parts in so many different ways.   The training always goes very well, making me anxious but confident about how the competitions will go, and it is all worth it.”

Thank you Andrew for being our Client of the Month, we are very happy for you and your fantastic achievements.

The ALTA Fitness Team

September 2018

Who do we love more, Jess, Becor Seb! These sisters train together and bring along the beautiful Sebastian, Jess’ son, who often joins in too as you can see from the pictures. As Lisa has said she is so impressed with Bec and Jess’ dedication to their training. Even when Bec travels for work, Jess continues to train at their scheduled time and Bec reschedules to not miss a session. They train hard but have fun and support each other to get the best out of each other and their training. They are a pleasure to train and an added perk for Lisa is she gets to cuddle Seb every week! We asked them a few questions.

Why do you come to ALTA? We come to ALTA as a way of getting our body moving and making sure we implement healthy habits now before it’s too late!

What do you like about ALTA? Our trainer Lisa and also the location. Lisa came recommended to us from a neighbour and thanks to her friendly nature and tough programs her sessions have become the best part of our week.  We also come to ALTA because of the flexibility to cater to our changing timetables and availability each week and willingness to let us train whilst our littlest family member explores the centre! Seb is 14 months!

Lisa is caring and so relatable. We love that her sessions are varied yet customized to us individually. She is very supportive and very, very easy to get along with. We can also rely on her to subtly push us every session which we love, so much so that we’ve increased to seeing her 3 times every 10 days.

We are definitely stronger and more aware our muscles- probably because we hadn’t used so many in such a long time. We are also look forward to our sessions now as we know that we can continually improve and that there is a difference between cardio and weight training.

We would strongly recommend incorporating physical activity in your weekly routine. It doesn’t have to be with a PT but that is definitely the way we both enjoy training. Thank you Lisa- you’re the best!

And thank you ladies for being our clients of the Month.

August 2018

Ian joined us over 2 years ago and has been a big driver in helping not only himself be fitter but his staff as well and this really is what impress’ us the most is that he cares about his people. Ian attends the Monday & Wednesday night sessions which are a lot of fun and we have enjoyed seeing Ian get fitter and fitter that now he is a formidable force! Words from Ian…

“What a truly wonderful experience the last few years has been.  With gentle pushing and support from JC and Linda I have gone from barely being able to do 5 sit ups, to now feeling confident I could take on most things if given the time. All I can say is thank you to yourselves and all the wonderful people I have trained with.”

Ian, you awesome thanks for being our client of the month.

June 2018

Never guess the relationship? Jennifer is the lovely Lisa’s Mother in Law and she started with ALTA Fitness nearly 2 years ago joining the Ladies Thursday Group and has become a much valued member and friend of the group.

Jennifer’s story is something we can all relate to – “I have been a regular walker for many years but as time passed I realised some upper body exercises would be beneficial this is how I came to join a senior ladies group at ALTA.

I am enjoying exercising at ALTA because my strength and balance continue to improve which is important to me as my goal is to stay mobile into my advancing years.  I believe its never too late to start a regular exercise programme you will notice the benefits in no time at all”.

Thanks so much Jennifer for being our client of the month.

May 2018

Rhi’s Story – I don’t have much of a fitness background but found that after giving birth to my daughter last year I really wanted to make sure that I would be around and in a reasonably healthy capacity as she got older. ALTA Fitness works for me because it works on basics; keeping things in good form, letting me know what, where and how I should be feeling the various exercises and keeping account of what my limits are but gently pushing them at the same time. I hope to snowshoe to the summit of Mt. Kosciuszko in August and I have to say I don’t know if I would be contemplating the journey if not for the help of JC, Lisa and Linda.

Josh’s Story – Before coming to ALTA I had spent a lot of time going to the gym with a broad focus on weightlifting, but that lacked a more holistic view of my fitness. ALTA has been a great change of pace in that it not only keeps the work I’ve done in the past, but also helps to put it into that larger frame of fitness and balance. Chasing my toddler around truly demands that type of performance ability!

Thanks Josh & Rhi, it is truly a pleasure having you at our studio.

April 2018


Congratulations to Vanessa for being our client of the month for April. Vanessa told us that all her life exercise was not a priority except for walking a series of much loved dogs! However upon retirement one of Vanessa’s goals was to improve her fitness. When her GP told her that swimming was not enough on its own she wandered into ALTA thinking she would have a one off session on how to use weights and instead found herself in one, then two weekly classes and has never looked back!

Vanessa said ‘ I would never have survived a large gym but ALTA is such a warm and welcoming place with great trainers and a terrific sense of camaraderie among the participants. I have really enjoyed getting fitter and the coffee at the end is always welcome!

Vanessa you are always welcome and the ladies group would not be the same without you here and we are so pleased you agreed to be our Client of the Month.

March 2018

Nicky has been training with JC for a long time and has also become our very good friend. We asked a few questions about her time at ALTA Fitness and why she comes to us and this is what she had to say!

1.I love the way You All care for your clients

2.Learning the correct way to exercise for day to day and Golf – Nicky’s number one passion

3.The journey JC & I have been on with my rehab and knee injury

4.Sharing Fun, Sweat and Many laughs with dear friends.

If I didn’t continue my exercise with the ALTA Fitness team, especially J.C, I don’t think I would be golfing anymore, let alone playing off a 6 handicap.

JC, Lisa & I have a special spot for Nicky not only because she is so committed but also because she always has a smile and loves a joke with us which just makes her whole session, a whole lot of fun!

Thanks Nicky, we are proud to have you as our Client of the Month – The ALTA Fitness Team.

February 2018

In Lyn’s own words…. I joined ALTA in September 2016 as I had  decided that personal training would provide the discipline I needed to get myself fitter.  I made that decision when I was walking on the British Coast to Coast walk. It was a challenge but I knew I wanted to continue my fitness journey after the walk.

And it has worked out far better than I could have possibly anticipated. The last thing I imagined was being introduced to weight lifting but when I was (by Ryan), I took to it like a duck to water. Weights combined with functional fitness has made a huge difference to my life – my posture is better, my stamina has increased, and I feel stronger and more confident.

JC and Linda have been fabulous – so much so my husband is also now part of the ALTA family. My sister (who lives in Texas) and my son (living in Paris)  come along as well when they are in town. ALTA really is a family affair for us.

Thank you so much Lyn, we think you are fantastic, from the ALTA Fitness Team.

December 2017

Nearly two years ago I was a reluctant debutante when invited to join Tuesday’s Senior Ladies group.  Having previously briefly experienced, and disliking, gymnasium workouts elsewhere, I was not keen to revisit.  But very quickly I grew to thoroughly enjoy my sessions at ALTA Fitness.  JC’s program is rigorous as we ‘golden oldies’ become fitter and healthier, all the while having fun and forging friendships.  Tuesdays were not enough so I joined the Thursday Senior Ladies with Lisa.  Again we exercise and have fun.  I became addicted.  As well as the Tuesday and Thursday sessions I now have a one-on-one session with JC on Wednesdays.  People have commented on my improved physique, and my stamina and fitness have increased dramatically.

My husband, Michael, previously an anti-exercise person who has some physical challenges, caught my ALTA fitness bug and now works with JC twice per week.  Michael is thrilled with his improved health and mobility and, too, is now an exercise convert.  We feel so much better!

Thank you so much Jen for being the awesome client you are, (or should we say Jane from Tarzan’s fame) from the ALTA Fitness Team

November 2017


To the beautiful Adriana – inside and out we have loved that Adriana chose us to get herself physically fitter for her wedding to Mitch on the 18th November – Congratulations to you both for a long, love filled, happy life together.

I came to Alta Fitness in February as I’m getting married in November and wanted to work on my overall physique and fitness. A wedding is great motivation!

The changes I have seen have been enormous. My overall fitness has improved dramatically, I’m more toned, healthy and each week see a gradual improvement, no matter how big or small. Lisa has been incredible and pushed me in ways I couldn’t do on my own. I’ve also met some wonderful people at the studio who I look forward to seeing each week.

ALTA fitness has completely changed my lifestyle for the better. Although I came to ALTA to look and feel better for my wedding, this has now changed my perception and I will be training at the studio long after the wedding! A big thank you to JC, Linda and Lisa for all their support!

Thank you again, I’m honestly chuffed to be your client of the month :). And so are we – thankyou from the ALTA Fitness Team

October 2017


Fitness at Alta – Why or Why not? From someone who definitely isn’t and never was

As an old codger of nearly 80 years, and with metal in 5 joints, and neck and lower spinal damage, I felt that my very painful and difficult walking requiring the use of a walking stick occasionally ( and extreme difficulty in going up stairs) was going to continue to deteriorate. My work as a vet had involved lifting of dogs up to about 35 kgs, and farm work on weekends, and had tended to keep a very modest amount of fitness.

About 6 months ago, my daughter became concerned, and investigated who in the Eastern suburbs might be good at helping such an old codger, and with her 3 siblings gave me four sessions at Alta as a birthday present, with the realisation that I probably would not continue afterwards — her husband bet her that it was unlikely that I would use the 4 freebies, and absolutely no chance of continuing afterwards. He lost the bet!!

Six months on, with twice weekly sessions, I can walk up the stairs at home much more freely, even though it is still painful, but with much more flexibility, and my strength in legs and arms has improved, not markedly (but at least my wife is no longer stronger than I am, as in the past).

At this stage, I have every intention for continuing, hopefully to improve further but with the realisation that I will probably just be maintaining what I have gained, and I am very grateful for all the hard work that JC has put into getting things to this degree of improvement, and I would certainly suggest that if you get the right person to help you in your arthritic dotage, life might be more comfortable and with a considerable improvement in the spring in your step.

In conclusion I must add that having a metal knee that needs further surgery JC has been very careful not to push that joint to the point of further damage.

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