Welcome to our Client of the Month Page – it is early days yet but something we are really excited to have started.  Why do we do it? Because it is a chance for us to recognise our clients efforts be it how long they’ve been coming or perhaps achieving their goal or just because they are committed to their health – Enjoy reading about our clients as we love learning more about them.

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Fitness at Alta – Why or Why not? From someone who definitely isn’t and never was

As an old codger of nearly 80 years, and with metal in 5 joints, and neck and lower spinal damage, I felt that my very painful and difficult walking requiring the use of a walking stick occasionally ( and extreme difficulty in going up stairs) was going to continue to deteriorate. My work as a vet had involved lifting of dogs up to about 35 kgs, and farm work on weekends, and had tended to keep a very modest amount of fitness.

About 6 months ago, my daughter became concerned, and investigated who in the Eastern suburbs might be good at helping such an old codger, and with her 3 siblings gave me four sessions at Alta as a birthday present, with the realisation that I probably would not continue afterwards — her husband bet her that it was unlikely that I would use the 4 freebies, and absolutely no chance of continuing afterwards. He lost the bet!!

Six months on, with twice weekly sessions, I can walk up the stairs at home much more freely, even though it is still painful, but with much more flexibility, and my strength in legs and arms has improved, not markedly (but at least my wife is no longer stronger than I am, as in the past).

At this stage, I have every intention for continuing, hopefully to improve further but with the realisation that I will probably just be maintaining what I have gained, and I am very grateful for all the hard work that JC has put into getting things to this degree of improvement, and I would certainly suggest that if you get the right person to help you in your arthritic dotage, life might be more comfortable and with a considerable improvement in the spring in your step.

In conclusion I must add that having a metal knee that needs further surgery JC has been very careful not to push that joint to the point of further damage

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