Health and Wellness Coaching is a relatively new, but a rapidly developing discipline. A definition I like is that it is a client-centred, collaborative intervention whose primary aim is to support others in sustainable lifestyle changes. 

Or maybe put more simply – a Health & Wellbeing Coach supports you in changing unhealthy habits that aren’t serving you for positive healthy habits that will serve you for the longer term.

Coaching is profoundly different to mentoring, counselling, therapy or advice – these are your personal goals.

What I do, is help busy women in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond to take control of their changing bodies, to live a life of zest and vitality. I like to say we are the same but different, we are all navigating our lives on the same planet but we come from different diversities, cultures, background and upbringings.

It’s often a journey of self discovery that ultimately leads you to setting your own goals, accepting a level of self-responsibility and experiencing positive self-determination. It truly works, I’ve now seen and experienced it many times!


Coaching 1 on 1

Coaching begins on your being clear on your vision, what you want and why. We’ll dig deep in to your ‘why’ as knowing what that truly is gives you the greatest chance of success. There maybe something that is hindering you, a belief or mindset that has stopped you from achieving your best. I will help you with the tools and support to set this up so that your health and wellbeing has the chance to blossom and live a life of vitality and zest.

This is your journey, not mine. After all, you are really the only person who knows the details of your life and what might work for you.

Together each week in partnership we’ll design, the actions that will achieve your goal. It starts with a set of goals that will be small steps towards the bigger outcome you’re looking for and the next time we meet either by phone or zoom, I’ll check in with you to see how you went and we’ll set some new goals – bit by bit.  This is where you are accountability for your initiatives and actions. I’m here to help you as much as I can but I’m behind the scenes, not leading the way!!


This 6 week Masterclass is often the entry point for women wanting to know more about who they are, hormonal changes and what I call ‘The 5 Pillars of Health & Wellbeing. One hour a week I introduce a topic from hormones, nutrition, exercise, sleep and more. The last week is always something special as we complete the Wheel of Life to look at what pillar/s you would like to focus on going forward.

Limited to 10 women in a session makes for a more intimate, sharing interaction. Where you can ask questions, listen to others stories or tell your own. Connecting with other women going through similar periods in their lives brings us closer together and women often walk away with new friends and new beginnings on their health and wellness journey. It is a very empowering Masterclass

Masterclass are held in person in Melbourne (Australia), Online or if you are interested for your workplace arrangements can be made.

Cost: $147

How it works

Kickstart – This program focus’ in on the one area of your health and wellbeing journey you have been longing to change. It could be losing weight, creating an exercise routine you will stick too, achieving a regular good night sleep.

AUD $2,400 with 3 easy instalments or pay up front for a 10% discount.

Comprehensive – This is a 6-9 month program that is inclusive of developing your vision of your best self to its fullest. Including creating your vision board to manifest your dream life, and creating your optimal of Health & Wellbeing goals. Why 9 months? To be fully supported in achieving your goals for the long term. By making them a natural part of your lifestyle where the seemingly daunting effort becomes easier every day choices. You may decide pillars such as Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Managing Stress &/or Connection.

AUD$4,500 6 months with 6 easy instalments or 10% off if paid in full

AUD$6,500 9 months with 9 easy instalments or 10% off if paid in full

Vision Board Workshops

Everyone at some stage dreams about what their future could look like. However getting there without a vision and having clear intentions, can make it feel almost impossible to determine or know where to direct your efforts. In reality dreams don’t manifest themselves they take quite a bit of thought and effort it’s not just sticking a few pictures on a board.

This is where a Vision Board workshop comes in. Starting with a dream sheet exercise and what you would like to do, be and have, it all starts to (magically) unfold. Add a collection of images, objects, words – and add them to a board, be it physical or digital, you can see your vision coming to life. Combining the power of visualisation, setting goals, putting in some effort, determination and commitment it can be a life changing tool

Workshops are held in person in Melbourne (Australia) and online. Pre work required but it’s fun and worth the effort.

Cost: $199

  • 60-90mins
  • Local to Melbourne (Aust) or via video in your local store
  • Cost $150
  • 1 x 60-90 minute session to set a vision and goals
  • 6 x 30 min fortnightly follow up sessions
  • Ideal for small business’
  • Cost – on application


From Lana…Linda is exceptionally passionate about what she does. She is very open to receiving contribution from all the women she works with. And looks only to encourage women to be their best version of themselves. Thanks Linda for the peri/menopause masterclasses. Was an enjoyable and safe environment to learn about this little-talked about topic.

From Artika…We met Linda and her team through PT sessions in an effort to kick start a healthier lifestyle. “Two glasses of water first thing in the morning” is what I learnt in my first month. This became a game changer for me (it’s the simple things that often gets overlooked!)

After discussing food/diet many times during our PT sessions I decided to go shopping with Linda. For years I found supermarket shopping daunting. The labels and marketing left me more perplexed than informed. I left my shopping session a lot more confident about making the right choices for my family. The foods I thought were our healthy choices were surprisingly not as good as what I thought. And I also learnt what I was doing well! Linda taught me how to look at the labels and other options for similar type foods. I quickly picked up how our choices could be made better. 

Thank you Linda for your generosity with your time and knowledge.