We’ve had to reinvent how we train our clients due to the COVID outbreaks in 2020 and ongoing. With at least 5 Lockdowns since 2020, every lockdown of our studio we have continued doing zoom (and sometimes outdoors). The biggest thing we have learnt about ourselves, and our clients, is that we are versatile and we don’t stop because we can’t get into our Personal Training Studio in Canterbury.

Hence Zoom Sessions are remaining on our list of services permanently.

It is our first preference to be one on one in the studio as we believe this enables us to give our clients the best and safest session. But if for any reason you can’t get into the studio ie travelling for work or holidays and you still want to train we can do your session via zoom! And if your new to ALTA we can help out too.

  • Online Personal Training 1on1 or 1on2  – either keeping your regular time slot or opting for another time we can utilise Zoom (a cloud-based video service) where we will live stream from our studio to you at home and take you through your program.
  • Online Sessions replacing our Small Group Sessions – Only during Lockdowns – We utilise Zoom where we will live stream from our studio (or garden) where you will be able to join us from your own home. For Group Session just click on the link below . Unfortunately, we cannot cater to the Strength For Life (formerly Living Longer, Living Stronger) Session online. https://altafitness.com.au/alta-services/small-group-sessions/
  • YouTube Channel – ALTA Fitness Canterbury – We have a range of exercises from foam rolling, how to use massage balls, warm up exercises and shoulder mobility that over the years we have added to our channel. More recently we have included some simple to advanced HIIT sessions to workouts for your lower body, upper body, core and more. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX6YR84x3i4gcHEqxGodupg/videos?view_as=subscriber

Call Linda on 0410 544 759 or JC on 0478 616 210 or drop us an email below, we’d love to help you with your fitness – fitter, healthier, happier!