Our ALTA Fitness Challenge for September
21 Days of Exercise and…..forgo a food or beverage
Let’s jump into Spring with our 21 day challenge with a difference.
This challenge is a double challenge – exercise and forgo one of the things you eat that you know you shouldn’t! Now a challenge is just that, it has to be challenging but also enjoyable! So challenge yourself out of your comfort zone. If new to these challenges stick to the basic plan, if this feels too easy, and yes you know it, make it harder.
  • The First part of this challenge is 1 minute of ‘Do it Your Way’ exercise that adds on 1 minute each day. Below are some examples of exercises and idea’s of how to either go through each exercise non stop or break it down throughout the day to say, 3 mins x 7 for the last day to do 21mins.

  • The Second part of this challenge is to forgo for 21 days of something you consume – eat or drink that you know is not good for you. Some ideas are – no sugar in your tea/coffee, no soft drink, no alcohol, no cakes, chips, biscuits, chocolate for 21 days or if you want to lose some weight as well – think reducing carbs i.e. pasta, bread, cereal, cakes, biscuits, potatoes etc and replacing with a small amount of good protein and lots of vegetables or a couple of pieces of fruit.

We are here to help you, motivate you or keep you accountable. By day 21 you’ll doing 21 mins of exercise and dropped a not so good habit or lost a few kilo’s.