Welcome to our Client of the Month Page – Why do we do it? Because it is a chance for us to recognise our clients efforts be it how long they’ve been coming or perhaps achieving their goal or just because they are committed to their health – Enjoy reading about our clients as we love learning more about them and celebrating their successes.

December 2023

Thank you JC, Linda and the team for choosing me as your client of the month for December 2023.
“I have been training at ALTA since January 2021. I was initially recommended by a friend and colleague. I was about to turn 40 and wanted to start looking after myself better. I had stopped all forms of exercise after the kids were born. I had tried the large commercial gyms in the past. I always found those places too big for my liking and I would often use my time inefficiently while there.
I was looking for something more boutique and somewhere (and someone) that would tell me what to do and how to do it. I am pleased to say that I found that at ALTA. Over the years, I have been trained by JC, Linda, Estelle and Darcy. During this time, I have always found the balance between work, family and exercise difficult to manage. Currently, you will find me training with Darcy at 6am on a Monday. I try to compliment this with Tennis and Cricket in the summer too.
I still have a way to go to achieve all of my fitness and dietary goals. I have my ups and downs with diet, injuries and motivation. But it is always reassuring to know that the ALTA is there for me and I thank you all for that!”
Thanks Kieran, from all of us at ALTA!

November 2023

Leanne has been a dedicated member of ALTA Fitness since February 2017. Her commitment to fitness and overall health is truly inspiring. You may know her as the proud owner of Bennet’s Butcher Est since 1854 – 6th generation of a Family Business and Maison Flowers & Gifts. Wow! That is some piece of history and diversity and passion. Leanne is an institution in Maling Rd and much loved – And she has the best French Chicken Roast – it is an absolute favorite and regular dinner at our house.

Over the years, she has been a constant presence in our community, training with various instructors, but recently, she has found a perfect match in Estelle. Leanne’s dedication to her fitness journey and her enthusiastic attitude continue to motivate those around her. We’re grateful to have her as a valued member of the ALTA Fitness family. Keep up the great work, Leanne!

Thanks Leanne, for being our Client of the Month – From all of us at ALTA.


October 2023

“When I was a young fellow, more than 50 years ago, I played as much sport as I could, particularly rugby, squash and athletics. In those times training largely focused on skills with very little guided fitness work, and to be honest I never enjoyed fitness training anyway. I’m sure this lack of proper training contributed to injuries then and to many aches and pains in later years.

Eventually when I gave up competitive sport  and I discovered the dubious delights of the gym but what I also discovered is that my reluctance to train has followed me into my middle (?) age. So, I realised that in order to be regular I needed commitment which led me to engaging with a personal trainer. It’s in the diary so I have to go. Over 20 years I have experienced a number of trainers at several different gyms – the quality can only be described as variable. Happily I discovered ALTA and Linda.

At my age regular training is so important in keeping me mobile but also it is immensely good for my spirit. The special benefit of training with Linda (or her occasional substitutes) is that the next appointment doesn’t just sit there in my diary as a chore it is actually something I look forward to. The physical element is demanding but leaves me feeling better; the social contact is a great bonus. I believe Linda and I have something of a reputation for chatting – well that’s good for me too.”

And the feeling is mutual from Linda, I always look forward to Gordon walking in the door and what we’ll be discussing next from books, theatre and solving the world’s problems – Plus Gordon comes every week on time and ready to go for the past 2 years!

Thanks Gordon, for being our Client of the Month – From all of us at ALTA.

August 2023

Congratulations to mother/daughter duo Anne and Siobhan who have have always prioritised their health and fitness.  This is so very evident in how they approach their sessions, always with a smile, nice word and a passion for keeping up their own health and wellbeing.

Anne grew up on a farm in the South-West of Ireland, where being physically active was part of everyday life. They were always kept busy on the farm doing jobs, and she and her seven brothers and sisters would ride their bikes across the fields to get to school each day. Anne has maintained her fitness throughout her life – despite raising four kids and having had her own business throughout, she always makes the effort to get outside in the sunlight every day to move her body. She has consistently trained in the gym to keep her strength up for well over 30 years, and so when Alta opened their doors in Mont Albert so close to home and her fashion business, ‘Anne Moran’, it was an opportunity to good to refuse.

Siobhan grew up playing every sport available to her, and this love of sport continued into adulthood where she continued to row and play basketball throughout her university studies. Siobhan works as a Sports Dietitian, where she gets to combine her passion for sport with her love of health and good food.

Siobhan says she is very lucky to have grown up in a healthy environment where good food and movement were just part of everyday life.

Anne and Siobhan meet for a long walk (and talk!) once a week on the weekend and try to fit in a coffee afterwards. They both love training at Alta Fitness with JC. Says Siobhan, ‘JC keeps sessions very interesting, is great at training our weaknesses, and pushes us hard each week’.

We are so lucky to have such a high-quality training facility and trainer close by.

Thanks & congratulations and we are so lucky too to have Anne & Siobhan with us.

From all of us at ALTA.

June 2023

Congratulations to Tess Greatorex who has been with us since July 2019 – 4 years and counting! And is a wonderful example of keeping herself fit and also knowing that one day she would knee surgery.

Tess loved sport and taught Physical education in the UK and Australia. Playing state and club Hockey in the UK and when in Australia joined the Doncaster Hockey Team. Tess came to ALTA Fitness as she wanted to exercise in a small gym to compliment her yoga and hopefully keep injuries at Bay. She knew that knee surgery would be necessary and with initially Johnny & Linda’s help and then Estelle’s for the past 2 years Tess felt it would contribute to a successful outcome.

Which recently Tess had a total knee replacement (an injury sustained playing hockey some years back) and the outcome is good. “Rehab and recovery went well thanks to Estelle for keeping me strong before and after surgery”. Although not playing hockey anymore more Tess enjoys yoga, gardening and now walking.

Tess really enjoys her weekly sessions with Estelle as the programs are always interesting and challenging.

Thanks & congratulations Tess, from all of the ALTA Team.

June 2023

Congratulations to Jamie, a fellow cross country skier who JC provides online programs since 2020.

“I am a keen cross-country skier and an old man (56). I love skiing with my family and friends and up until COVID, I had been trying to beat my sons in Australia’s longest and most popular XC race, the Kangaroo Hoppet in Falls Creek, which we had been doing for four years up until then.

So knowing that JC had experience in competing and coaching in cross-country skiing, I got in touch with him at ALTA Fitness in the winter of 2020 to put me on a training program for strength, conditioning and fitness with the objective of a) being able to beat my boys and in the Hoppet and b) being able to do long-distance Loppet races (ski marathons) in Europe in the future.

Because of COVID, we could only communicate online and via Zoom and the training program was delivered remotely. It was tough! But JC tailored the program specifically to what was required for me, and I simply did what I was told. Despite two years of lockdowns and two cancelled Hoppet Races, I kept up JC’s program with revisions and ultimately was able to compete the 42km Hoppet Race last year in under three hours and beat my sons as well (only by a bit, they just turned up without any training which is what you can do when you’re in your twenties).

But really, my fitness experience curated by JC wasn’t just about this single race, it was about the journey of sticking to a whole lot of good habits and making fitness, health, and wellbeing a very important part of my life. Many thanks for all your guidance JC, I’m glad we finally met face-to-face just a month or so ago and confident now to tackle any Loppet I can get to in the future.”

Thanks Jamie, From all of the ALTA Team

May 2023

Congratulations to the lovely Vicky our Client of the Month. Vicky has a great sense of humour and always has a big smile. Being a part of our Super Senior Ladies Group is a special time of our week when these wonderful women get together to keep fit. Here is Vicky’s story.

My journey at ALTA Fitness began some 4 years ago at the invitation of my neighbour. I had done other forms of exercise but not Gym work including tennis, yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. Rob, my husband, and I walk every day. I have learnt that exercise for specific muscles can improve strength and agility. The varied program that Estelle provides has enhanced this.

Since starting this new regime I have found that I feel stronger, more flexible and balance improving. ALTA Fitness has a family feel in its approach to all clients. My fellow attendees have become friends and so my experience has a social aspect as well, with us sharing a coffee after each session.

In the future I hope to continue my Tuesday routine for as long as possible and see further improvements in my physical health and well-being.

Thanks & very grateful you are our May Client of the Month

Apr 2023

Congratulations Andrea our April Client of the Month who I think has trained with nearly all of us at one time or another. Andrea is very dedicated to her fitness and fits it around her family and career so she doesn’t always have a set time of the week but she always makes it in at least 2-3 times a week. This is Andrea’s story….

My fitness journey: I played a lot of sports growing up. My dad played the veterans tennis circuit and it was a given I would play tennis.

My interest waned in ball sports in my mid teens and I moved onto aerobics and gym work.

In my 20s and 30s my husband and I bushwalked mostly in the outer suburbs of Melbourne and did the Milford Track in New Zealand. I practiced yoga – it was a bit monastic at that time – no music and strict adherence to traditional yoga principles. It wasn’t fun but I liked how I felt practising.

Having children at the end of my third decade and working full time, left little time for an exercise regime. I discovered Pilates with a trainer who had an at home studio and that sustained me until work got really busy with travelling and late nights.
The lockdown was on and off yoga and YouTube exercise classes.

A year ago I peered in the window of Alta and spoke with Linda. Linda’s style and experience reassured me that Alta’s trainers and their flexibility would suit my needs.

I’ve been fortunate to train with the team at Alta who listen, consider and plan out well-rounded, interesting and at times with JC, curious routines. Their positive reinforcement and variety of routines helps to keep me motivated.

This year I want to continue with my fitness routine to maintain physical and mental well-being as I invest in my career. 

Mar 2023

Congratulations Paul on being our March Client of the Month! Paul is an avid lover and player of golf and has a passion for his racehorses which he told us that he is as fast as his slowest horse! WOW! Either Paul is super fast or his racehorse has an injury. 😂😂😂

All jokes aside, Paul sent us this note: “I got my exercise balance wrong during lock down and came to ALTA about a year ago to rehabilitate an Achilles injury and improve my mobility. With the help of JC and Linda, not only has my sense of well being and flexibility increased significantly, I also smashed my recent work physical with improvements in all tested areas, strength, mobility, weight and bloods. Thanks team!”

Feb 2023

Congrats Jodie, for being our Client of the Month. There is no doubt that Jodie brings a wonderful vibe to the studio when she has her sessions, always up for a challenge and a laugh. She works hard and the results are showing. One day Jodie came in and gave Estelle and I a ‘group hug’ as she’d had a great day scuba diving. We love this! But here’s Jodie’s words.

I love my sessions with Estelle & Linda (I do 2 x 45mins sessions a week) and on occasion JC.

I love that each session is varied and fun.  I love a good chat and a physical challenge!  I have really noticed my core, balance and strength have improved since I started in January 2022.  I can now do arabesque’s with weights without the need of the stick for balance (I call it the Gandolf stick).  I want to be the fittest and strongest version of myself (rather than focus on my weight) and I feel ALTA have provided that.  I really enjoy coming to my sessions and I always walk out feeling happier and lighter after a well thought out and balanced session.

Dec 2022

I started training at ALTA 6 months ago. I had a knee injury earlier this year which has prevented me from staying active. I needed help with my rehab exercises. I also wanted to learn how to do gym exercises properly and safely.

I really enjoy training with Estelle. I feel we work well together from the get go. She fully understands my goals and knows my limits better than I do. I’m continually amazed with how much I’m able to achieve each week through her coaching and motivation. Our training sessions are tough but also so much fun. It’s always interesting learning a variety of new exercises because I can then apply them when I’m working out on my own. Also, I’m rest assured that I can always rely on Estelle’s expertise and knowledge whenever I have any questions about an exercise.

What I like about ALTA gym is the cleanliness and the range of high quality equipment. It’s my ideal place to exercise because it’s conducive to having a great workout. So far training at ALTA exceeded my expectations. I feel fitter and stronger than I have ever been. I’m so grateful to Alta because I’m now able to gradually go back to my pre-injury activities.

Nov 2022

Lena turns up week in, week out raring to go and is always interested and willing to try new exercises. Her curiosity to always learn more about health and wellbeing and joining the Healthy Food Challenge is something we truly value, plus Lena and I will discuss a huge range of topics which makes for a fun session.

From Lena – “I have always been committed to a healthy lifestyle and fitness but allowed busyness to whittle away my time to exercise – I found myself getting into my late 50s weak and full of aches and pains.

A UK TV documentary on predicting early death from lack of strength to get up from a sitting position on the floor shocked me as I did not have the core strength to do it!!

I am so glad I found ALTA Fitness as the PT program with Linda and circuit sessions on Saturday with JC has really built my strength, agility and flexibility and got rid of many aches and pains. I can now get up from sitting on the floor and I do a short 7-10 minutelimbering routine before anything else every morning. I try to walk or run a few times a week too.  Thank you ALTA!”

Congratulations Lena, From all of the ALTA Team

Oct 2022

I first met JC several years ago socially after he became a personal trainer to my life partner, Nicky Eller. My fitness journey with Alta Fitness started shortly after JC and Linda opened their studio in Canterbury. I had been experiencing osteoarthritis in my knees and occasionally lower back pain. Personal training sessions with JC, and more recently with Will Dutt, have greatly improved my core strength and general fitness.
Even during the long lockdowns of 2020-21, Nicky and I were so inspired by JC and Linda to convert our garage into a home gym so that we could continue our regular sessions with JC, Linda and Will on Zoom. My regular Friday morning sessions with Will or JC are not only good for my fitness, they are also great fun with me sharing my risque jokes, and them agreeing to my requests to put on rock music from the 1960s, 70s and 80s, much to the chagrin of Linda and her Friday ladies class who would prefer ABBA.
JC and Linda have become great friends and I’ve even managed to introduce JC to the mysteries of Rugby Union, taking him to see the Melbourne Rebels and the Wallabies.

Sept 2022

Kelly started out doing PT then PT and Groups. But in true Kelly style and with exercise bringing her spark back she initiated a session for her whole team!

In Kelly’s words ‘I reached out to ALTA towards the end of 2020, after very long work hours during the first phase of the pandemic (combined with getting older!) left me feeling sluggish and sore. As a clinical psychologist many of my clients would attest that I’m a big fan of exercise for its benefits for mental health, and I figured I should follow my own advice and do more than walk the dogs if I was to cope with working in allied health in the current climate. I started with a PT session, and gradually increased to participating in regular classes as I gained confidence. I now actively look forward to my sessions, I feel so much more myself again, and am very grateful to the whole team at ALTA for giving me my spark back’.

Thankyou Kelly for being our Client of the the Month, you are a wonderful example to all that exercise is important to our overall health. From all of the ALTA Team.

June 2022

Ian  joined ALTA Fitness in Sept 2019 with Living Longer Living Stronger training with Estelle and always comes in with a smile. Ian has been a very athletic and active man throughout his life.

One of his most challenging activities was crossing Bass Strait from Wilsons Prom to Launceston with a friend, amazingly on a kayak! Island hopping to camp overnight and paddling all day. Ian and his lovely wife Jenny have travelled extensively and the picture in Borneo on a night walk had an orangutan take hold of his hand and climbed up on him. Ian has a very special spot in our hearts as he has Parkinson’s which prevents him from doing much of what he loves.

JC has recently rigged up a kayak paddle to our towers which allows Ian to mimic the kayak paddle action and Ian’s smile is priceless.

Thank you Ian for being our Client of the the Month. From all of the ALTA Team

May 2022

Congratulations to our May Clients of the Month, Emilio and Bernadette Mirabelli. Emilio and Bernadette don’t have far to come when they attend their sessions, they are the owners and operators of Hair Embe next door! Bernadette started at Alta early May 2018. Emilio took a bit of prodding and joined Alta February 2019.

“Emilio and I are not young. We had noticed we were losing strength and mobility and I had a huge reality shock when I was out at a restaurant with friends and could not lift myself up to sit on a bar stool. But things have improved greatly since attending ALTA. Not only have we gained strength and mobility, but Emilio’s golf has improved and so have my bones. My last DEXA Bone scan score showed a great bone density improvement, which has meant I was able to refuse osteoporosis medication with confidence. J.C, Linda and Estelle have exceptional training knowledge, always pushing us to our optimum abilities. Yes, we hurt the next day, but it is I healthy hurt and we can feel our bodies improving all the time.”

Little known fact is that they are both accomplished artists. Keeping you motivated during your workout you might hear their music playing in the background.  A top of the charts Band at ALTA, Psyattica Jane’s number top songs “old door mat” and “you don’t love me You dog, you love my dog”. If you get a chance check them out on Spotify.

Well Done Bernadette and Emilio!!

April 2022

Congratulations to our April Client of the Month, Madeline Walling. Madeline comes to ALTA Fitness twice a week before school and has not missed a session despite a full load at school.  Madeline has found that not only do these sessions help her kickstart her day but exercising prior to school helps her brain get ready to learn and it makes retaining information easier. Madeline, we love your humour, smile and dedication.

Well done Madeline from the whole team at ALTA…, keep up the great work!

“What I love about ALTA is that you feel so safe and supported by the staff.
It has allowed me to feel comfortable again to exercise and truly enjoy working out.
I love boxing and the fish game on the Ski Erg because it’s a good way to release some stress” 

March 2022

A huge congratulations to our amazing March 2022 Client of the Month.Robin is one of our original and ongoing clients who has been with us for 6 years plus longer and she is here week in, week out studio, zoom and even got in a couple of outdoors. Robin is a vibrant and vitally part of our Super Senior Ladies, it wouldn’t be the same with her! Thank You Robin.

“I have been attending ALTA Fitness from the start of JC and Linda’s business and continue to enjoy the team’s professional expertise and advice and always their warm encouragement. I love coming to the Super Seniors Group on a Tuesday morning and enjoy the fun group atmosphere, the laughs and of course the gym work motivated by a coffee in Maling Road post exercises!! My aim is to try and keep as fit as possible and hope to be part of the group for the next decade!! My congratulations to all the team at Alta and a big thank you to JC, Linda and Estelle who is my Tuesday Personal Trainer.”

February 2022

A huge congratulations to Peter for being our February 2022 Client of the Month.  Peter has been with us since July 2019, where he has racked up an impressive 100+ hours.  Peter initially came to see us because he had won a silent auction through the Dragons basketball club where his kids have been playing. Peter’s initial goals were weight loss, move better, reduce knee pain, so he could keep up the road cycling.

Peter is enjoying exercising at ALTA so much now he is up to three times a week, two group classes and a one-on-one PT session. Because strength and balance continue to improve when you are consistent, it is an important goal to stay mobile over the years which Peter is appreciating.  It’s also now time for Peter to get back on the horse, literally, as Peter’s next adventure is horseback riding in March.

January 2022

A huge congratulations to Trish for being our January Client of the month! We just love this pic of her and her cute as puppy Oliver!! In the past 12 months we have watched Trish grow and become both physically and mentally stronger, we are so proud of how far she has come, this is just the beginning for you Trish well done!!

“I needed more than a gym when I started at ALTA a year ago, but I found it daunting to approach something new as I wasn’t healthy mentally or physically. However Linda provided a safe and nurturing environment for me to ease back into training without fear of being judged. Her gentle approach to activity gave me the self confidence I needed to slowly gain momentum into training regularly, learning the boundaries of my body and still loving myself regardless.

I love my sessions each week with my three different trainers and those I’m training with. I feel the flexibility and strength I once had returning and look forward to achieving more goals in the future. I have also met some great friends which really means a lot to me.

I am so grateful to be a part of the Alta community… thnx Linda, JC, Will and Estelle for all of the training so far.”

December 2021

Congratulations Yannick, you are our December and last Client of the Month for 2021!!  We have really enjoyed watching your commitment throughout the year.  When you came to us at the start of these lockdowns you showed commitment and didn’t miss a session, we can see this has really paid off for you and that is why you’re our Client of the Month!  We too cannot wait to see all the great things you will achieve in 2022! Well done!

 “I can’t believe it has been 9 months already: it’s one of these things that feels like you’ve been there forever. I’m honestly so glad I have joined Alta, which was an out of the comfort zone decision and a much needed one. JC and Estelle have been so very good with me, building me up from no fitness to a place where I feel strong and healthy and hungry for more. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, the sessions with you have been so helpful with my mental health and probably kept me sane through the lock downs. Based on earlier attempts at other places, I was nearly certain I’d get injured within the 1st three months and hence given an excuse to go back to being a flake LOL I just really enjoy the people, the training and the results and am looking forward to setting new benchmarks for myself in 2022”

November 2021

We love Trevor, we love his humour, we always have a laugh and great conversations in our sessions, he always works hard and never misses a session. And that’s why Trevor is our November Client of the Month!

“Since the end of the first big lockdown in Victoria, I’ve enjoyed my training sessions with Linda and JC. I treat each session like a work meeting, scheduled in my calendar, other people attending and only something I’d cancel if I was truly unwell – a little mental trick that keeps me training even on those days when my motivation is lacking.

As a former client of JC’s from many years ago, it’s been great to reconnect and resume training. Training with Linda too, in the gym, via Zoom and in the park have all added a touch of variety and kept me fit though all the lockdowns. I’m still working on that Batman-grade 6-pack though…”

Trevor we are proud of what you have achieved, and we will work hard with you to achieve that 6 pack goal of yours!

October 2021

This months Client of the Month is Michelle Buckley! We chose Michelle, because she has been fabulous at doing her homework (each and every time with her cute cat beside her, egging her along).  She comes to ALTA once a week, but her progress has been remarkable as she diligently does her homework exercises, and we always have a great laugh whilst working out with her!

“I came to ALTA fitness when I was in recovery from Covid. The illness played some havoc on my heart rate. Linda was amazing when I first called and didn’t run screaming from my case! Instead they bought a heart monitor and worked with my doctor to bring me back to strength and health. At every stage the professionalism ALTA has given me helped in my recovery and beyond. I never have enough thank you’s .”

More recently we heard that Michelle had been accepted by the Baker Institute to do clinical trials on how COVID affects the heart, this was one of her goals when she started with us to get her heart rate down so she could contribute in some way. How cool is that!

We are so proud of all that you have achieved Michelle!!  Huge well done from all of us!!

September 2021

Jenny Lombard has been with us for nearly 10 months, we have awarded her September’s Client of the Month as she has remained committed to her fitness ongoing through COVID. Jenny knows how important it is to keep fit, she had great success after joining us on the ‘Fat Loss Protocol’, in which it was so lovely to share the journey with her. We have really enjoyed Jenny’s sessions and watching her progress to move better and become fitter.

“Having returned home after a long stint overseas, I was looking for a gym which offered Personal Training with a holistic approach and that is how I found ALTA Fitness. I do have some back and shoulder issues but, know how important it is to keep moving. By training with JC and Linda I know I am in good hands. Every session is different from the last and tailored to suit my specific needs and capabilities and to improve my weak areas. I can feel and see the improvements over the past 10 months and I have definitely become stronger, fitter and better adapted to handle whatever obstacles come my way. For me, having a weekly exercise routine is paramount and that has not stopped even with the current lockdowns, as JC and Linda offer Zoom training sessions which keep me motivated, moving and maintaining my progress. To find trainers with such dedication to their clients and who have an extensive amount of knowledge in fitness and recovery from injury is invaluable and I can truly say that I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to every training session.”

Huge congratulations Jenny! From all of us here at ALTA Fitness!

August 2021

August’s Client of the Month is Richard Gellard. Richard came to us with a debilitating back injury and has been consistently working with us for the past 18 months with commitment and hard work. We have worked him very hard, he always puts in and makes the effort, we certainly can see how much fitter, stronger and more agile he is, with less back pain.  Read on to hear what or should we say who, brought Richard to ALTA fitness and why we think he deserves this month’s Client of the month.

“Having suffered through a serious back injury, a referral from local Chiropractor, Michael Sexton, led to my time at ALTA Fitness.  The back injury had settled and I needed to get serious about getting the body back into shape, to improve my regular indoor soccer sessions and what was to be the goal of 2020, Futsal in the Pan Pacific Masters Games. Linda and JC, and Will of late, have been wonderfully understanding and patient in ensuring that my program meets both the challenge of generally regaining fitness and flexibility as well as dealing with those days where the body isn’t quite right and the mental anguish that ensues. The Covid period has shown how well they have adapted and we endured some rather cool mornings out on sports ovals, just to keep going. I can’t speak highly enough of the ALTA Team and I look forward to the next 18 months and to see what the next stage of improvement brings. Thank you and well done team ALTA.”

Well Done Richard from all of us here at ALTA Fitness!

July 2021

This months Client’s of the Month is awarded to a local family.. Congratulations Price Family! Ben, Andy and Suzie have showed such commitment to their health and fitness. Not even the most recent lockdown stopped them, they continued to Zoom to work towards their goals. Each have different reasons for training with us and what they want to get out of their sessions…

  • Ben – “Everyone at Alta fitness has been very welcoming and friendly. My goals when I started coming to ALTA Fitness were to improve my running and baseball, and to keep fit in general. JC and Jason have really helped me in achieving these goals. I even hit a triple at baseball last week. Looking forward I would like to keep improving and ALTA will continue to help me to do so.”
  • Andy – “It has been a breath of fresh air training with the ALTA crew. Their level of professionalism and knowledge has been outstanding in helping us achieve our goals. We certainly don’t feel like we’re training to a generic formula at ALTA and the programs feel much more tailored to our own individual needs. Thank you ALTA Fitness.”
  • Suzie – “We, as a family, were searching for some time for personal training so that we could improve our fitness. When we found Alta Fitness we felt right at home! A sign that it was what we were looking for. We see a few trainers and all enjoy the challenges they provide for us. I feel that we all benefit greatly from the variety of the training sessions, just what we need!”

Congratulations Price Family for being “Family Client of the Month”, we love having you all train with us!

June 2021

Congratulations Kirsty Kennedy on being ALTA’s June Client of the Month! Kirsty joined the ALTA studio in July last year while we were in lockdown. We loved having her train via Zoom but even more so when we returned to the studio, as she is always smiling, and is so bubbly and fun, we just love her and her energy!

“I started with ALTA during Lockdown 2, and here we are, still having fun in Lockdown 4! It is such a pleasure to walk into the studio and see the smiling faces of Linda and JC, they have created such a lovely environment, and it’s clear that they love what they do. I really appreciate that we can still train over Zoom, the routine of Alta has become a very important part of my week, and the creativity shown by JC of how my living room can become a gym is super impressive. A big thank you to Linda for introducing me to the joy of lifting heavy things, and to Will for continuing this with me. “

Great work Kirsty!

May 2021

This months Client of the Month is Katrina Gow! Congratulations! Katrina is no stranger to gym’s having spent the past few decades working out and focusing on her health, she came to us with a loss of motivation post Surgery and hasn’t looked back! We love having her in studio as she had a genuine interest in her health and fitness, she is very in tune with her body when training and is happy to try new exercises or variations if needed!

Read on to understand how Katrina got her motivation back and what she loves about our Studio! “I started training at Alta because I was struggling to regain my motivation to exercise after major surgery. The nature of the surgery had left me with some specific issues that I was finding difficult to overcome. Enter JC and Linda! What I love most is, no matter how I feel when I arrive at Alta or what part of me is sore or not quite right, both Linda and JC are able to adapt and adjust my programme to suit me on any given day. I am consistently amazed that every week I am shown an exercise I have never done before, and this is coming from someone who has spent a fair bit of time in many gyms over several decades. The variety is fantastic. I learn so much because they are both so generous with sharing their experience and knowledge. It is not unusual for me to go home with a book from the Alta library. Going to the gym has never felt so easy. I know I am stronger, fitter and feel mentally better for the effortless effort!”
Nice work Katrina!

April 2021

A huge congratulations to Rex for being our April Client of the Month.  Rex has been with us since 2016, he always shows a proactive and positive attitude towards his health and fitness and is an A grade student keeping up with his homework of 15 mins exercise core and push-ups!  Read on to understand the reasons why Rex joined us 5 years ago and what keeps him coming back!

“I joined ALTA because at 76 years old, I knew if I wanted to maintain a level of strength, mobility & fitness into my older age that I needed to do more than just ‘walk around the park’.  While sometimes I miss a session or two, I love the friendliness, attitude, care & attention to each individual that both Linda & JC give to us all.  I don’t deserve to be showcased, but thank you guys anyway.  Keep up the good work.”

Well done Rex!

August 2020

We’ve been a little remiss what with CoVID19 restrictions and lockdowns so forgive us and give a warm congratulations to Belinda for being our August Client of the Month. Belinda has literally weathered the outdoors with us, always keen, enthusiastic and not missing a beat despite some really cold mornings that secretly we have learned to love! Enjoy Belinda’s story.

“I started with Linda and JC because I was looking for a trainer that understood my needs and offered a range of options. I have loved attending the Wednesday morning classes (despite the early time!) and also one on one PT with Linda. I think I almost needed the first lockdown to force me to change some habits and create new ones which is when I started jogging. I have always hated running but started slowly but with JC and Linda’s encouragement have managed to make it a regular part of my week. Despite the gym being closed, I have enjoyed training with Linda and JC at the park and always appreciate their support and smiling faces.”

May 2020

Ann joined ALTA in 2017 in the Senior Ladies Class and has come along literally leaps and bounds. We could see Ann was an active, never give up woman, I wish we had been able to see her compete when she was younger, we can only imagine she was a great sportswoman but also a determined one! Ann took up some rowing last year never shy to give something a go.

“I had previously enjoyed sport at school and university but now at 82 with 2 artificial hips Iam thoroughly enjoying my classes at the gym. The companionship and exercises are helping me to keep active. The Online classes during the Corona Virus are very good but I’m looking forward to returning to the gym. Thank you for asking me to be Client of the the Month. Typical of Ann’s lovely nature she thanks us when it is us thanking her for being a wonderful member of our Tuesday group!

Mar 2020

Graham has been taking Personal Training for 9 years! A man who really has seen the benefits of keeping fit for his skiing, running and greater health. Graham gave us a bit of background on how he started and is still going and I love the photos he shared, they say so much about the joy Graham gets from running!

“Prior to a family skiing holiday in January 2003 to Big White in Canada he decided to get fitter. Graham engaged a personal trainer for six months prior to this date and have continued with a trainer and running since that time. Last year I had robotic key holesurgery and was not allowed to run or attend the gym for a few months.  I am now back running (a little slower) (park runs) and at the gym. I am now looking forward to skiing and competing in my 14th consecutive City to Surf run in Sydney in August. I have been training with JC, Linda and more recently Estelle and the team since 2016 and last weekend completed my 16th Park Run in Lorne.

Well done and thank you Graham!

Feb 2020

I have always loved sport and can’t remember when I was not playing games of some sort or another. It was the norm as a little kid playing organized games in the back yard, often with some of my older siblings doing the organizing and usually with some of the kids in the neighbourhood. That gradually gave way to participating in school, community, university and back to community teams. The ongoing problem with all of this was I was not much good at training and never really took to gym work, which in retrospect would have given me a much better physical preparation.

But now it is somewhat different with little opportunity to play footy, cricket, squash, etc., although golf, with its engaging needs for precision, skill and planning ahead still get the internal competitive juices going.

Lyn (Phil’s wife) started at ALTA some 6 months or more before I did, and her cajoling finally got me here. I wonder now whether I would have enjoyed more of the gym work in past years if then there had been the care and attention to individual needs, as is a hallmark of the ALTA team. Of course at times it feels like they enjoy torturing my poor body, and they can’t wait to think up new ways to do so, or get you on a new gadget or toy that will just tease out that set of muscles a little more or stretch that tendon ever so slightly. And so it goes on.

But to be honest, I continue to enjoy my one-on-one sessions with JC that have now been going on for more than two years. The group sessions on early Monday evenings are a riot with Elle and Ian as the other two permanents, plus a variety of short-term members over the years. We have had various team members that have attempted to put us through our paces. One suspects the rotation of team members is needed because who can stand the terrible humor that they have to endure for the hour. But then the humor allows for blowing off the strain of just completing that set of planks, lifting weights and doing dreadful things to the tower. It is also a wonderful way, paradoxically perhaps, of keeping this cross-generational small group on song.

So overall ALTA has given me an organized way of keeping my general fitness intact and has certainly been excellent preparation for my golf, the day-long weekly walks we engage in around Melbourne, and our once or twice a year overseas multi-day walking treks.  Philip Clarkson Jan. 2020

Awesome story, thanks Phil, we love it!

Jan 2020

Our January Client of the Month is Marie. Marie has only been with us a very short time but we’ve been so impressed with her commitment and we can’t take all the credit because as we know exercise plays a role in changing yourself but nutrition is the biggest key and we hope that we are the support crew to help as well! Marie’s story follows.

“For some time I have been wanting to prioritise myself and my fitness. I am a Mum of two very active little boys and I had found myself struggling to keep up with my young family.  It was perfect timing when a dear friend recommended Alta Fitness to me.

I have been training with Linda and Estelle for three months and am so pleased with the results so far! I have have lost weight, regained fitness and strength in only a short time. I really enjoy waking up for my early morning sessions and my husband has noticed how happy I am and eager to join him and our boys for early morning activities such as going to the park. Keeping up with them is no problem now!

In the past, I would stay home while he took the boys out as I was experiencing fatigue. I now feel that I am present in the moments that really matter to me and my family. Since beginning training at Alta, I have been motivated to make a lifestyle change to eat cleanly which includes cutting out all inflammatory foods from my diet. I have noticed many overall health benefits including clearer thinking, a reduction in brain fog and overall increased energy.

Thank you Linda, JC and the team at Alta for creating such an inspiring wonderful space to exercise. I am so glad that I finally found you!”

Thanks Marie, you are the inspiration and we are looking forward to 2020 with you.

Oct 2019

Jenni started coming to ALTA as she had frozen shoulders both left and right for over a year, which was frustrating and depressing and she was felt she was lacking fitness and flexibility. Referred by the lovely Bernadette from Embre Hairdressing (next door) she decided to give us a go.

Starting out at ALTA Jenni soon saw a light at the end of the tunnel and with our qualified and experienced team Jenni has now regained mobility in both shoulders and her fitness and flexibility have improved dramatically. Staying motivated and continuing to challenge herself, Jenni’s goal is to be at her ultimate fitness for her age and she has found that working with our super friendly team makes for working out a great and rewarding experience.

As Jenni says “ Don’t give up, staying positive and motivated is key. Working with the amazing trainers at ALTA you can overcome a myriad of ailments and be a fitter, happier individual.”

From us here at ALTA we have been so rewarded too, the whole team love trainingJenni as she keeps on at it each week, not matter the newness of any exercise or challenge we give her!

A very deserving client of the month, thanks Jenni.

Sept 2019

I started out at ALTA Fitness to find a balance between my more passive exercises (yoga, walking and napping) and my more physical time spent in the garden. Now it has become an important part of my weekly routine that gets me through the week with a smile and a pep in my step!

ALTA Fitness allows me to keep working on my strength and mobility, which in turn allows me to do the things I want (and think) I can do without being restricted by personal strength or ability to move. In my 3 years, I have had the pleasure of having JC, Linda, Johnny, and Will train me either in a class or one-on-one and have all been wonderful at tailoring the session to suit my needs, or any niggle I might have.

JC and Linda have been particularly wonderful at providing a supportive environment where you can feel comfortable and confident in the gym.

Last but not least, the lemons and mandarins are some of the best I’ve ever had!

Thanks so much Lizzie and for your smile each week which makes you a pleasure to train.

Aug 2019

Jen joined ALTA Fitness over 3 years ago with a group from work and immediately enjoyed the friendly, low key feel of the gym and the expertise and great variety of workouts with JC, Linda and the other trainers. Unlike with other gyms Jen had tried in the past, she felt motivated from the start to keep coming and this is still paying off 3 years later!

Jen said, “I wanted a regular workout to help me build and maintain strength and agility, and to support my other fitness passion, running. I always feel like I’ve gained something from each session, even on days when I’m not feeling at the top of my game, the trainers support me to work to my own level so ialways feel both the physical and mental benefit. Other days I just need some encouragement to put in that little bit harder and I get that too!

Even though I do a group class, JC and Linda regularly check in with where I’m at with my training, and work with me to understand my individual fitness goals and challenges. They are passionate about what they do and are always well informed and up to date about anything and everything fitness related.

I would say if you are looking for a friendly, personalised gym with a passionate and expert team to guide you that it is worth giving ALTA Fitness a go.

Thanks JC and Linda, you guys are awesome.”

Jen you are awesome and hope that we are running pals and doing events together for a long time yet!

July 2019

I had never taken my fitness seriously until I decided to attend my first personal training session. I didn’t realise how unfit I was until I attended that first session but I managed to struggle through and after a few months I felt healthier, happier and even looked forward to training which would have been unheard of a few months earlier.

I have found the team at ALTA Fitness to be extremely knowledgeable and adaptable to my raft of injuries. In November 2018 I had a seizure which left me struggling to move my neck for 3 months but JC & Will were able to work around this and gave me the confidence to continue training.

I recently got to tick off a bucket list of playing Pebble Beach Golf Course and as part of that JC, Will & Estelle tailored my training to ensure my body was in perfect condition.(My abs have never felt so much pain).

I’m looking forward to continuing my fitness journey which I hope will allow me  to improve my golf, return to running, lose a little bit of weight, perform 5 unassisted chin-ups(still a little way to go they are seriously hard) & gain the energy I need to run around after my 2 year old daughter who cheers me on every time I walk out the door to go and exercise.

Thanks to the Alta team! Dave

Thank you Dave, are real pleasure to be able to train you! From the ALTA Fitness Team

June 2019

Michelle has been training for over 10 years now first taking  when looking after young children, elderly parents and working part time.   I was really looking for some ‘me time’ to focus on improving my fitness.  Over the years I have trained with several trainers and each have brought their own special strengths and interests to my sessions. Since ALTA fitness came to Canterbury I have been very lucky to train with Ryan and now J.C.  The personalised attention I get is wonderful.  J.C. tailors my sessions and creates the most interesting (maybe even crazy) exercises.  Just when you think it is easy, he’ll tweak the exercise and bring a whole new challenge.  What I have found is that it has given me the confidence to try new things and attempt things that I might not otherwise have done.

Recently, this has been to take up walking/hiking.  Up until last year, I had only really walked the dog but walking the Camino was something that I had been interested in for a while.  The opportunity came up for me to take long service leave and I took it!  J.C. helped me get into condition for this, working on ankles, calves, legs, balance and building up stamina and I did it!  The whole 800 kms. It has been an amazing experience and because I was well prepared, I really enjoyed it.  So, I’m back for more later this year, only this time in Japan. J.C. has got me working again, preparing my legs for lots of hilly steps and steep descents.

Training has made me much fitter and stronger than I have ever been, but most of all, it has given me self-confidence.  What I learnt from walking the Camino is not to look too far ahead, take each day at a time and to enjoy the moment.  But most importantly, if you chip away at something, you can achieve amazing things.  Each journey starts with the first step and persistence is the key.

Thank you so much Michelle, we are hoping you have many more walking journeys and years of fitness ahead!From the ALTA Fitness Team

May 2019

I would firstly like to thank JC and Linda at Alta for asking me to be client of the month, I never thought I would ever have a personal trainer let alone be asked to be client of the month. 

This is a special Client of the Month as Becky has MS and she is an absolute inspiration, we appreciate that with improving fitness has helped Becky but really it is her commitment and spirit to fight this that is amazing.

Becky wrote: I would firstly like to thank JC and Linda at ALTA for asking me to be Client of the Month, I never thought I would ever have a personal trainer let alone be asked to be client of the month. A little bit about me..

Six years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis – for the first year or two denial was pretty much the road I had decided to take with it and each scan showed slow progression but still new lesions every scan. The first thing I tried to change was my diet trying to be as healthy as I could. This had some success with my energy levels but unfortunately I had my first big relapse that made me change literally aspect of my life.

I went on a very new drug with a new neurologist and started walking a lot more and my scans started to come back with no progression. After discussing with my Neurologist about exercise he didnt see any harm in me taking my fitness to the next level as long as I was careful and was monitored.

So in step JC and Linda ! I first noticed ALTA on a walk one evening and one day I just plucked up the courage to walk in and speak to them and I am so glad that I did. I left with my first session booked and that was about 18 months ago, I now I see JC every week for 1 on 1PT

I was too intimated by big gyms especially considering I had never worked out before – Alta is different, after just the first session I felt comfortable and at home.  JC is aware of any issues I may be having and modifies our session depending on what symptoms I am feeling or what I am capable of doing and week by week I keep getting stronger and stronger.

Currently getting toned for my big trip to the United States in 5 weeks.

April 2019

Ellie is one of our youngest members and she has, along with her family and very close friend Jen, become a wonderful friend who we do fun activities and events together outside of the studio and always involving some sort of exercise! Ellie holds a special spot in our hearts and we are thrilled to have her as our Client of the Month (even if she getting bugging us, it is well deserved!!) Estelle is now her group trainer and loving it so Ellie was asked some questions.

What problems did you have before you came to us? Before joining the crew at ALTA Fitness I had a large base as a cardio athlete and dreams of becoming an ultra endurance athlete! A major component I was missing before ALTA Fitness in my training program was strength and functional training, my lack of flexibility and stiffness left as it was could have developed into long term injury’s. With the help of JC, Linda’s and the other staff members at ALTA Fitness was able to develop muscle and strength to improve my all round fitness and health. The trainers at ALTA and the group I train with really made training in a gym fun, the wide range of activities and exercises created an interesting and exciting program.

What do you like most about coming to ALTA? I love the vast amount of experience all the staff have at ALTA Fitness! JC was my first trainer at ALTA Fitness, personal experience in sport and our common interest of the snow and running allowed us to bond and for me to trust JC’s opinion when it comes to my program and training , to this day I still ask JC and Linda advice about my training. Another important part of why I keep coming back to ALTA are the friendly and encouraging faces that I see every Monday and Wednesday night, being in my final year of school I can find myself being overwhelming and stressed but after a fun and cheerful session I always find my self having a clear mind ready learn.

Thanks Ellie, from all of the ALTA Fitness Team xxx

March 2019

Congratulations Sara thank you and well deserved! We asked Sara a few questions and this is what she shared with us

1.What bought you to ALTA Fitness.? I saw a flyer for last year’s skiing preparation course as we were going on a family skiing holiday and I wanted to be fitter so I could enjoy the holiday more. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the group class times and that’s when Linda suggested having one on one sessions to work on my goal.
2.What benefits have you seen since joining ALTA fitness? I am really enjoying the multidirectional training that I am working on with Johnny. I am feeling stronger and becoming more aware of my movements while exercising.
3.What subtle changes have you seen along the way? My general fitness is improving and that makes me feel more energetic and lighter.
4.What would you say to anyone interested in joining ALTA Fitness or an exercise program? That the ALTA team are knowledgeable, supportive and are great at tailoring a program that helps you to work on your fitness goals.   Thanks again Sara, from The ALTA Fitness Team

December 2018

Paul has been one of JC’s longest clients and sometimes I confuse for each other – can you see the resemblance! Paul said…9 years ago, being a 54 year old keen skier and having had a knee operation, I went in search of a personal trainer. At Fitness First I came across the CV of a trainer who specialised in rehab and skiing – JC, he was the trainer for me!

I have trained with JC consistently ever since. He has helped me develop my core fitness and incorporating specific ski related strengthening and balance exercises. Adding flexibility to my ageing body has been a central theme to our exercise regime and, of course, aerobic capacity is an important element as well and which JC introduces strategically in advance of my regular ski trips. In very real terms I have experienced the benefit of accumulated fitness over this period.

Being in my 60’s, I consider it a true gift to not only be able to continue my sporting passion, but to do so at an improving standard and on increasingly challenging terrain. Thank you JC and team.

And Thank You Paul you are a gentleman whose steps we wish to follow and ski for a long time yet!

November 2018

Yee started with us in March and in the last 6 months has come leaps and bounds with her rehab, fitness and strength and always with a lovely smile and hello!

Yee said “JC has been instrumental in my injury rehabilitation, as well as my initial simple request to increase physical fitness to keep up with my demanding toddler. His training sessions are enjoyable and fun. I often joke that he must have dreamt about those exercises in his sleep, as they look crazy but it works! JC is also fantastic with tweaking exercises to suit the circumstance, and warming up certain muscles beforehand for the “big show”.

I have now challenged JC to achieve my next objective to lift my toddler so he can sit on my shoulders. ALTA Fitness – you’ve got my vote. I rave to all my friends about you!”

Thanks Yee, we rave about you too!

October 2018

Andrew Walker has been cross country ski racing since1979.  In Andrew’s words ‘’I love the sense of competition in a sport that involves the whole body and that is done in the mountains.   I had a medical issue in June 2015 which meant I could not actively ski.  After recovery, I decided to go to the Masters World Cross Country Championships in Finland. I like to be competitive, and I know JC is a very good XC coach and strength trainer and not far from home, I started coming to ALTA in October 2015.   The work with JC has lifted my skiing to another level.  I’ve won my age group at the Kangaroo Hoppet the past 3 years, including the recent (perfect) event at end of August where I was 12 minutes up on 2nd.  And I’ve been well prepared for the Masters XC races at Voukatti, Finland and at Klosters, Switzerland in 2017.   I’m now on track for the Masters in Norway next March.

During my time at ALTA, I’ve also focused on roller skiing and cycling. My roller skiing times have dropped by nearly 20%, particularly on the roads around Cape Conran, Lake Mountain and Royal Park.   A completely different strength program helped make the Bright Alpine Buffalo Sunrise cycle event (200 k starting @ 4:00 am, in rain) in late January a really pleasant ride!  To relax, I indulge in the occasional 6 hour Rogaine and get out for an occasional run.  I love the discipline, effort and improvement of strength and conditioning training, and with some yoga added, everything is all very good.  For my sessions, they are always different and I am invigorated by working the same parts in so many different ways.   The training always goes very well, making me anxious but confident about how the competitions will go, and it is all worth it.”

Thank you Andrew for being our Client of the Month, we are very happy for you and your fantastic achievements.

The ALTA Fitness Team

September 2018

Who do we love more, Jess, Becor Seb! These sisters train together and bring along the beautiful Sebastian, Jess’ son, who often joins in too as you can see from the pictures. As Lisa has said she is so impressed with Bec and Jess’ dedication to their training. Even when Bec travels for work, Jess continues to train at their scheduled time and Bec reschedules to not miss a session. They train hard but have fun and support each other to get the best out of each other and their training. They are a pleasure to train and an added perk for Lisa is she gets to cuddle Seb every week! We asked them a few questions.

Why do you come to ALTA? We come to ALTA as a way of getting our body moving and making sure we implement healthy habits now before it’s too late!

What do you like about ALTA? Our trainer Lisa and also the location. Lisa came recommended to us from a neighbour and thanks to her friendly nature and tough programs her sessions have become the best part of our week.  We also come to ALTA because of the flexibility to cater to our changing timetables and availability each week and willingness to let us train whilst our littlest family member explores the centre! Seb is 14 months!

Lisa is caring and so relatable. We love that her sessions are varied yet customized to us individually. She is very supportive and very, very easy to get along with. We can also rely on her to subtly push us every session which we love, so much so that we’ve increased to seeing her 3 times every 10 days.

We are definitely stronger and more aware our muscles- probably because we hadn’t used so many in such a long time. We are also look forward to our sessions now as we know that we can continually improve and that there is a difference between cardio and weight training.

We would strongly recommend incorporating physical activity in your weekly routine. It doesn’t have to be with a PT but that is definitely the way we both enjoy training. Thank you Lisa- you’re the best!

And thank you ladies for being our clients of the Month.

August 2018

Ian joined us over 2 years ago and has been a big driver in helping not only himself be fitter but his staff as well and this really is what impress’ us the most is that he cares about his people. Ian attends the Monday & Wednesday night sessions which are a lot of fun and we have enjoyed seeing Ian get fitter and fitter that now he is a formidable force! Words from Ian…

“What a truly wonderful experience the last few years has been.  With gentle pushing and support from JC and Linda I have gone from barely being able to do 5 sit ups, to now feeling confident I could take on most things if given the time. All I can say is thank you to yourselves and all the wonderful people I have trained with.”

Ian, you awesome thanks for being our client of the month.

June 2018

Never guess the relationship? Jennifer is the lovely Lisa’s Mother in Law and she started with ALTA Fitness nearly 2 years ago joining the Ladies Thursday Group and has become a much valued member and friend of the group.

Jennifer’s story is something we can all relate to – “I have been a regular walker for many years but as time passed I realised some upper body exercises would be beneficial this is how I came to join a senior ladies group at ALTA.

I am enjoying exercising at ALTA because my strength and balance continue to improve which is important to me as my goal is to stay mobile into my advancing years.  I believe its never too late to start a regular exercise programme you will notice the benefits in no time at all”.

Thanks so much Jennifer for being our client of the month.

May 2018

Rhi’s Story – I don’t have much of a fitness background but found that after giving birth to my daughter last year I really wanted to make sure that I would be around and in a reasonably healthy capacity as she got older. ALTA Fitness works for me because it works on basics; keeping things in good form, letting me know what, where and how I should be feeling the various exercises and keeping account of what my limits are but gently pushing them at the same time. I hope to snowshoe to the summit of Mt. Kosciuszko in August and I have to say I don’t know if I would be contemplating the journey if not for the help of JC, Lisa and Linda.

Josh’s Story – Before coming to ALTA I had spent a lot of time going to the gym with a broad focus on weightlifting, but that lacked a more holistic view of my fitness. ALTA has been a great change of pace in that it not only keeps the work I’ve done in the past, but also helps to put it into that larger frame of fitness and balance. Chasing my toddler around truly demands that type of performance ability!

Thanks Josh & Rhi, it is truly a pleasure having you at our studio.

April 2018


Congratulations to Vanessa for being our client of the month for April. Vanessa told us that all her life exercise was not a priority except for walking a series of much loved dogs! However upon retirement one of Vanessa’s goals was to improve her fitness. When her GP told her that swimming was not enough on its own she wandered into ALTA thinking she would have a one off session on how to use weights and instead found herself in one, then two weekly classes and has never looked back!

Vanessa said ‘ I would never have survived a large gym but ALTA is such a warm and welcoming place with great trainers and a terrific sense of camaraderie among the participants. I have really enjoyed getting fitter and the coffee at the end is always welcome!

Vanessa you are always welcome and the ladies group would not be the same without you here and we are so pleased you agreed to be our Client of the Month.

March 2018

Nicky has been training with JC for a long time and has also become our very good friend. We asked a few questions about her time at ALTA Fitness and why she comes to us and this is what she had to say!

1.I love the way You All care for your clients

2.Learning the correct way to exercise for day to day and Golf – Nicky’s number one passion

3.The journey JC & I have been on with my rehab and knee injury

4.Sharing Fun, Sweat and Many laughs with dear friends.

If I didn’t continue my exercise with the ALTA Fitness team, especially J.C, I don’t think I would be golfing anymore, let alone playing off a 6 handicap.

JC, Lisa & I have a special spot for Nicky not only because she is so committed but also because she always has a smile and loves a joke with us which just makes her whole session, a whole lot of fun!

Thanks Nicky, we are proud to have you as our Client of the Month – The ALTA Fitness Team.

February 2018

In Lyn’s own words…. I joined ALTA in September 2016 as I had  decided that personal training would provide the discipline I needed to get myself fitter.  I made that decision when I was walking on the British Coast to Coast walk. It was a challenge but I knew I wanted to continue my fitness journey after the walk.

And it has worked out far better than I could have possibly anticipated. The last thing I imagined was being introduced to weight lifting but when I was (by Ryan), I took to it like a duck to water. Weights combined with functional fitness has made a huge difference to my life – my posture is better, my stamina has increased, and I feel stronger and more confident.

JC and Linda have been fabulous – so much so my husband is also now part of the ALTA family. My sister (who lives in Texas) and my son (living in Paris)  come along as well when they are in town. ALTA really is a family affair for us.

Thank you so much Lyn, we think you are fantastic, from the ALTA Fitness Team.

December 2017

Nearly two years ago I was a reluctant debutante when invited to join Tuesday’s Senior Ladies group.  Having previously briefly experienced, and disliking, gymnasium workouts elsewhere, I was not keen to revisit.  But very quickly I grew to thoroughly enjoy my sessions at ALTA Fitness.  JC’s program is rigorous as we ‘golden oldies’ become fitter and healthier, all the while having fun and forging friendships.  Tuesdays were not enough so I joined the Thursday Senior Ladies with Lisa.  Again we exercise and have fun.  I became addicted.  As well as the Tuesday and Thursday sessions I now have a one-on-one session with JC on Wednesdays.  People have commented on my improved physique, and my stamina and fitness have increased dramatically.

My husband, Michael, previously an anti-exercise person who has some physical challenges, caught my ALTA fitness bug and now works with JC twice per week.  Michael is thrilled with his improved health and mobility and, too, is now an exercise convert.  We feel so much better!

Thank you so much Jen for being the awesome client you are, (or should we say Jane from Tarzan’s fame) from the ALTA Fitness Team

November 2017


To the beautiful Adriana – inside and out we have loved that Adriana chose us to get herself physically fitter for her wedding to Mitch on the 18th November – Congratulations to you both for a long, love filled, happy life together.

I came to Alta Fitness in February as I’m getting married in November and wanted to work on my overall physique and fitness. A wedding is great motivation!

The changes I have seen have been enormous. My overall fitness has improved dramatically, I’m more toned, healthy and each week see a gradual improvement, no matter how big or small. Lisa has been incredible and pushed me in ways I couldn’t do on my own. I’ve also met some wonderful people at the studio who I look forward to seeing each week.

ALTA fitness has completely changed my lifestyle for the better. Although I came to ALTA to look and feel better for my wedding, this has now changed my perception and I will be training at the studio long after the wedding! A big thank you to JC, Linda and Lisa for all their support!

Thank you again, I’m honestly chuffed to be your client of the month :). And so are we – thankyou from the ALTA Fitness Team

October 2017


Fitness at Alta – Why or Why not? From someone who definitely isn’t and never was

As an old codger of nearly 80 years, and with metal in 5 joints, and neck and lower spinal damage, I felt that my very painful and difficult walking requiring the use of a walking stick occasionally ( and extreme difficulty in going up stairs) was going to continue to deteriorate. My work as a vet had involved lifting of dogs up to about 35 kgs, and farm work on weekends, and had tended to keep a very modest amount of fitness.

About 6 months ago, my daughter became concerned, and investigated who in the Eastern suburbs might be good at helping such an old codger, and with her 3 siblings gave me four sessions at Alta as a birthday present, with the realisation that I probably would not continue afterwards — her husband bet her that it was unlikely that I would use the 4 freebies, and absolutely no chance of continuing afterwards. He lost the bet!!

Six months on, with twice weekly sessions, I can walk up the stairs at home much more freely, even though it is still painful, but with much more flexibility, and my strength in legs and arms has improved, not markedly (but at least my wife is no longer stronger than I am, as in the past).

At this stage, I have every intention for continuing, hopefully to improve further but with the realisation that I will probably just be maintaining what I have gained, and I am very grateful for all the hard work that JC has put into getting things to this degree of improvement, and I would certainly suggest that if you get the right person to help you in your arthritic dotage, life might be more comfortable and with a considerable improvement in the spring in your step.

In conclusion I must add that having a metal knee that needs further surgery JC has been very careful not to push that joint to the point of further damage.

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