(due to COVID – 19 Stage 1 Restrictions)

We’re all having to adapt to changing situations but as stands as of right this moment we are back on track.
Classes on offer that may suit you better, same location are
  • Monday 7.30am 1hr – Group Fitness Class
  • Monday 5pm 1hr- Group Fit Class
  • Tuesday Super Senior Ladies 10am – will be via Zoom*
  • Wednesday 7.30am 1hr – Group Fitness Class
  • Wednesday 5pm 1hr – Group Fitness Class
  • Thursday Super Senior Ladies 10am – will be via Zoom*
  • Saturday 8am 30mins – HIIT
*Further details to come on what you need to participate from home
We totally understand that you may not want to be amongst others or self isolating and this is not for you. If you would like we can do Individual programs which we have done many this week or we are offering Zoom PT 1 on 1 and 1 on 2 sessions to do in your own home to keep you motivated at a set time which we have also done a few this week and they worked quite well considering – a new world!
Address: Brinsley Rd, Camberwell
Screenshot 2020-03-25 15.56.28.png
A few rules (that I know you all know but is our duty)
– Being respectful of keeping our noise level low
– Being respectful of other users of the reserve
– Hand Sanitiser will be on hand (doesn’t hurt)
– First Aid kit will be bought along by trainer
– Bring a mat – IF you don’t have one we have 6 old but cleaned mats that will become yours if you would like (free) nice to have so we can lie/sit on the ground for stretches and core exercises
– If you have any equipment of your own to bring ie bands, weights, balls etc please feel free to do so
– We do have some equipment to purchase if you would like. Such as foam rollers, massage sticks/balls, power bands, some weight wall balls same as we use at the studio (most new, some 2nd hand but all in very good condition) from 1kg – 9kg
– Bring a warm jacket / beanie – weather dependant
– Filled Water Bottle
What you can expect
– No contact with other participants
– Lots of body weight exercises
– Cardio – yes but it doesn’t mean we’ll be running around the block
– Warm Up / Cool Down
– No toilet amenities close by – (except for trees)
Any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Trainers will be either Estelle, JC or myself, Chelsea has decided at this point to lay low.
Call Linda on 0410 544 759 to book or just send me a text.
When things return to normal…
Training within a small group can be really beneficial and here at ALTA Fitness we aim to make it a fun and varied environment.  It is not just about doing exercise – it is also about meeting new people, being motivated to turn up each week or more and is a cheaper option to Personal Training.
Our sessions are aimed at complimenting our Personal Training and for Specific Groups such as our mid morning Super Senior sessions at 10am Tues & Thurs and our Strength for Life (previously known as Living Longer, Living Stronger) Thursday 11.30am session – we even cater for semi-private groups such as local business’ who see the benefit of exercising as a team.
Activities may include
  • Boxing, Circuit Work, Core, Weights, Cardio, High Intensity Interval Training, Functional Movements, Strength & Conditioning and more
*Senior Sessions start at $15 per person

2020 Feb