We are often asked where does the word ALTA come from? It is combination of things that the name came about Firstly, JC’s mom comes from a pretty place called Alturas in California USA, secondly the word Altitude where we’re at our happiest up in the mountains either skiing, hiking or cycling.

Why start ALTA Fitness? It was because we could help people be fitter, healthier and happier which naturally became our tag line because it really get’s to the guts of why we opened our own studio. What started in 2013 with ALTA Sports Specific Training has now become ALTA Fitness, based in Canterbury, Melbourne, Victoria. And as a small family owned business we could do what we were passionate about, no franchise, no gimmicks just upfront and honest and this is what makes us different. We really care about our clients and we love sharing what we have learnt with them and our broader community.

A little more about us, JC has coached Olympians and competed at a high level himself so helping others drawing on what he learnt also became his passion, he only wishes that he had someone to help him on his journey competing in international sports. He found that Strength and Conditioning training played a crucial role in preparing athletes to compete in Cross Country Skiing. But it was also a passion of his to see everyone benefit from Strength and Conditioning programs, in addition too, and complimenting, whatever other training programs they may be utilising to achieve their goals. Be your thing skiing, triathlons, mountain bike riding, marathon running or just staying fit. And over the most recent years JC has taken a special interest in rehabilitation especially with our older community.

ALTA Fitness is not just for high performing athletes, programs are tailored to anyone wanting to ‘raise their game’ or have ‘another go’ after a career break. But also we have found that rehabilitation has become a major focus for us not just for sports related injuries but for our older clientele who have hip, knee or shoulder injuries, to recovering from Strokes, Heart Attacks and other misfortunes of health.

Today, through ALTA Fitness we have found that there is much to be gained by setting up a sound, realistic program that is getting results with our clients. ALTA’s clients range from young teens to those in their 80’s. We love what we do, our clients are happy!  It is never too late to be…

Fitter. Healthier, Happier

We warmly welcome you to ALTA Fitness soon!

JC & I
JC & Linda at Falls Creek

4 thoughts on “About ALTA

  1. I was an early client of JC’s in Soda Springs and Sacramento, California, USA. He’s a great trainer and started me on a journey that continues to the present day in my 70s. I’m so glad to see that he is continuing with his work.

    1. Hi Marlene, I’m JC’s wife Linda, he was so pleased to see this note, thank you so much! Hope all going well for you in the US!

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