We’d like to introduce you to the team at ALTA Fitness, we specialise in Personal Training, Rehabilitation, Coaching and Small Group Sessions.
Jean-Claude Legras or more well know as JC is our owner and Head Personal Trainer & Coach.  JC has over 15+ years experience in Personal Training and coaching. JC in his younger years ski raced both downhill and cross country as well as a stint with a professional road bike team in Europe. Later he was a professional ski instructor as well as skiing in the US and is the former Strength & Conditioning Coach for Australia’s Cross Country Ski team. “These days I love to still ride, run, ski and really do anything adventurous whenever I can. Lately, I have ridden a 65km Mountain Bike race, a 135km road ride, running a trail run series and most Saturdays I run the 5km Park Run at Studley Park.”  But JC’s passion for fitness doesn’t stop there, he has a real interest in helping people with rehabilitation be it a result of a sporting injury, operation or prehab he will help get you into better health. It is not unusual to receive referrals from Doctors, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors who JC works closely with to ensure you gain the best outcomes for our clients.
Linda Legras  I’m new to the world of Personal Training and I have my Certificate III in Fitness and studying for my Cert IV for Fitness. JC and I are partners in the business and life with our 12 year old twins.  You will more likely see me behind the desk and making sure things are running smoothly.  My background has been in Corporate Marketing but I love exercising including running, swimming, cycling, recently MTB as well as road and skiing – so making the change is easy and I’m loving it.  I have personally benefitted from doing Personal Training which I started many years ago. Now I am stronger, have greater flexibility, speed and endurance that have led me to compete in some fun adventures including a 30km Cross Country Ski Race in Sweden, the odd Sri Chimoy run and many cycling events the latest doing the Mt Buffalo climb.  Sometimes I feel my life has only just begun!
Lisa Rouse has been on a total personal healing and wellness journey after leaving the corporate world in 2014 which she left to pursue a career in health and fitness that is her absolute passion. Lisa says “Investing time, energy and focus on fitness and personal development helps you connect with who you truly are and live your life with purpose and gratitude. I love the connection between mind and body: challenging yourself physically as well as mentally and breaking down the barriers we create for ourselves. I love to meditate and play positive affirmations. If you can change your thoughts you can honestly change your life! As a Personal Trainer I have a keen interest in wellbeing and making small, consistent changes that become lasting lifestyle changes, not diets or fads. Train and eat nourishing foods because you love yourself, not to deny or punish yourself”. Lisa’s favourite mottos to live by are “the key to happiness is being grateful for what you already have” and “choose today’s attitude …. let it be one of gratitude”.  This is why we are so pleased to have Lisa on our team as she lives and breathes her passion for a healthier life!
Johnny Negassi –  I’ve recently completed my Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science at Victoria University and completing my Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology to become an Accredited Exercise Physiologist.
I have always been passionate about sports and exercise, in particular soccer which I play at an elite level. This allows me to translate what I have learnt thus far in my course and apply it to my personal training and warm up routines. Recently my focus has been more towards rehabilitation and working with the elderly on moving better and living an independent life for longer. It is this that led me to Alta Fitness, the vision they have for their clients is inspiring and something I want to be apart of. My motivation to continue and excel in my studies is driven by my determination to apply my knowledge in my specified field to assist others with their overall health, which is a pivotal aspect of an individual’s optimum general wellbeing. I look forward to imparting my knowledge, techniques and to guide you towards being the best possible you.
All our instructors are minimum Certificate III and IV in Fitness, with current First Aid Certificates.
We invite you to visit our studio and experience for yourself what it will be like to be part of ALTA Fitness.
Regards Linda