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  • Who is ALTA Fitness? We are a small, dedicated team led by Jean-Claude Legras & Linda Legras, a family owned business that lives and breaths fitness. Jean-Claude has been a Personal Trainer for over 25 years as well as a coach for various sports, his favourites being Skiing, Mountain Bike Racing and Running.
  • What is Personal Training? or What does a Personal Trainer Do?  The definition basically covers both Personal Training and Personal Trainers. To answer a Personal Trainer is a qualified fitness professional who has the the knowledge, skills and abilities to create fitness programs, instruction and assistance for individuals – usually one on one or sometimes up to 4 clients at a time.  Their role is to help reach personal health and fitness goals within a safe, guided environment. It’s about motivation and close attention to ensure YOU have an individualised fitness program. IT IS NOT… training by yourself, nor boot camp focussed, or a group fitness class such as you see at big establishments. It’s more than just getting a fitness program, Personal Trainers can change your life and often save lives in helping people not just get fitter but to eat better, move better and think better.
  • Do you do rehabilitation? Yes, we work with many clients who have been referred to us by Physio’s, Chiropractors and other allied health professionals. We then work with them as a team for you to get you back into form.
  • Do you do group sessions? Yes, we have small group sessions from 4 to 10 people maximum with a variety of programs to suit different needs.
  • Do you do specialised coaching? This is a favourite area for Jean-Claude and he writes specific programs for athletes, elite and the very determined client. Programs are personalised and for example use Training Peaks. Various Coaching Packages are available.
  • What are your Personal Trainers qualifications? All our team are Certificate III & IV Fitness Instructors. Jean-Claude our head coach is the most experienced with qualifications in Strength & Conditioning with ASCA and the Strength & Conditioning coach for the Australian Cross Country Ski Team. All staff are First Aid Qualified
  • Where are you located? We are in Mont Albert, Victoria. We are on Hamilton St, Mont Albert, a welcoming and vibrant street with lots of local business where you can get a coffee, lunch, buy your groceries, fresh fruit & veg, a gourmet butcher, hairdressers and more.
  • How long does it take to get fit? Depends on your level of fitness and health history – there is not short answer. If you are expecting to see changes like on TV Lifestyle / Reality Shows you will most likely be disappointed. However depending on your commitment you are likely to see some distinct changes within the first 12 weeks, assuming you are exercising at minimum 2 x a week. If you were to come and do a Personal Training Session 3 times a week you will see an even greater result. It can take 6-12 months to reach bigger goals like weight loss or doing endurance sports. It’s best to come and have an assessment first, talk to Jean-Claude or one of our trainers so we can determine your current fitness state and provide you with a recommended plan to achieve your goals, be they short or longer term.
  • How long are the Personal Training Sessions? We offer 30min, 45min & 6omin sessions with our group sessions ranging from 30mins to 60min dependant on the program.
  • How much does Personal Training cost? Well it depends on how committed you are to your health. On average our clients pay between $240 – $1200 a month. This can be a combination of 1 weekly Personal Training session and a Small Group session to 3 weekly Personal Training sessions and a Small Group Session. It is really dependant on your goals and budget.
  • What times are you open? We are open from 6am to 8pm Monday to Thursday, 6am-2pm Fridays and Saturday 6am to 12pm