Personal training is a great way to achieve your goals.  One on one achieves results far quicker than doing your own thing. Also it ensures that you learn proper techniques to maximize your exercise but also prevents injuries.
Our Personal Training programs involve a full Functional Movement Assessment to start to ensure you are moving well before we put you through a tailored program. There is nothing worse than commencing exercise only to be hurt. We make every effort to ensure your body and your mind are ready to exercise minimising any pain except the joy you get from a good work out!
Activities will vary upon the individual and may include:
  • Resistance Training
  • Mobility/Stretching
  • Cardiovascular
  • Core Conditioning
  • Food Diary
  • Regular Assessments

4 thoughts on “Personal Training

    1. Hi Bec, I’ve sent you a quick email to get some further information from you so I can give you a better run down of what we do and our costs. Look forward to speaking with you soon. Cheers Linda & JC


    1. Hi Manon, not knowing about you such as age, level of current fitness makes it a little hard to tell you how much it will cost you. We start at $15 30mins to $25 for group sessions which we keep very small 4-6 clients and PT starts at $60. It really depends on what your goals are, your level of fitness now, how many times a week you want to train, how committed you are, your support team etc. We like to know you and you to know us as a good result comes when you have trust in each other to help you get there. The very best way to sort out who will suit your needs is to talk to us, come in and see if you like us. Give us a call it really is the best way to begin, in fact I can call you tomorrow if you like. Linda & JC


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