Mindfulness During the Holiday Season

As we know this time of year can get a little bit crazy and we are hardly immune from it with two 10 year olds! So this week we are concentrating on giving you five tips to help your way through by using Mindfulness – the art of simply paying full hearted attention to something – breath in and out….
  1. Go for a short walk (or long) – a brilliant stress reliever and mood booster.
  2. Make at least one person laugh everyday – laughing, especially hearty, is awesome and so good for your endorphins.
  3. Just breathe – take at least 3 conscious big breaths in and out and work it up to 10 – great in moments of stress – like waiting in a line to pay for something.
  4. Take time for yourself – stop to have a herbal tea, have a bath, get a massage (even a quick 10 minute neck massage while out shopping), go to a movie.
  5. Enjoy Nature – take your shoes off, feel the grass under your feet, or simply sit on the grass in the sun (if we ever get any!) and just listen to the sounds – simply listen for 5 minutes no need to do anything else – in a hammock is nice too!