Mission 100 – It’s our mission to help our community in more ways…

Introducing Mission 100!

We have a mission – a mission to get more people in our community to be fitter, healthier and happier. It’s not just about us building our business it’s about what we can do, so we came up with the idea that if we can build our small business to 100 clients who we can help to be fitter and healthier then we would donate $1000 towards our local community – our aim is to reach this number by 31st January 2018.

And as a show of our commitment we have already started this with donating $440 to the Victorian Police Street Smart initiative. Their aim is to educate our youth on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, depression, bullying, road safety and lifestyle choices. Copy and paste this link to see a little more about what they are aiming to achieve. http://www.cwaustral.com.au/information/videos/PCYC.mp4


We also have a few other initiatives in our sights such as Rotary who do a fantastic job across all our communities over a broad range of programs.

So, if you know someone who could do with our help to be fitter and healthier please let them know about us and it will help us to reach our goal of 100 clients so that we may deliver on our promise to our community – watch out for the new ruler on the wall in our studio that is keeping track of our progress and there will be many initiatives over the next few months to encourage your support.