Menopause – my own observations

This week my topic is “Menopause” there is so much to discuss and can’t all be said here but I’m starting with a little of what I have been learning and phew what we women go through, it can be a blessing and a curse! Now do not turn off yet, it may well effect you as a partner or son/daughter of someone going through it or gone through it. Of course exercise can help and it can definitely ease some symptoms and I highly promote it of course but I wanted to share some other things I’ve been discovering on the way. 

First off I have to say that I am enjoying my 50’s but as I’ve found out, the weight gain, the foggy memory, hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia and more can either be a little bothersome or acutely life changing. I’ve tried many things such as Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture which I did get some relief from, Evening Primrose Oil and, more recently I’ve taken the Dutch Test to see where my hormones and general well being is at.

As part of this journey the biggest is the change I’ve undertaken in my nutrition. We eat pretty well but I sneak in a lot of food when I’m around Jack & Jess, bread, lollies, biscuits but over the last month I cut out processed sugars, wheat, carbohydrates and dairy and no processed foods and the results have been great. In the first 5 days I noticed I wasn’t feeling or looking as bloated, in 10 days I lost weight and centimetres around my waist & hips, I don’t have the 3pm fatigues, I’m sleeping better and my snoring (yes I begrudgingly admit it) has dramatically reduced. This may not be for everyone but JC joined me as well and this was all in the first 10 days. I am continuing on this journey albeit not so strictly and the good results continue so if you’d like to know more let me know however before entering into any nutritional changes you should consult your health practitioner.