Welcome to Episode 9 with JC & Linda talking Teen Fitness

This year our teens have really suffered, the majority unfortunately, due to the restrictions from COVID-19. It honestly breaks our hearts to hear that they are not getting in the incidental exercise from their day to day activities getting to school and activities but they have lacked the more vigorous and active pursuits of their sports be it basketball, football, netball, dance, hockey, swimming, skate boarding, skiing and so much more! And now that restrictions are lifting, are they fitness ready after the lack of movement and sport?
We are really looking forward to talking about these wonderful years of being a teen, how it can be challenging as there PreFrontal Lobes are actively rebuilding and their Amygdala is controlling many emotions and how keeping them moving, fit and healthy helps them through these years and the results of COVID restrictions.

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  1. How do you keep your teenagers positive about COVID activity as we are coming out of lockdown. ie: meeting up with friends again and do you find physical activity helps with inter action with peers.

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