Posture, Core & Dance – According to Estelle

I have had the pleasure of training ALTA clients for over 2 years and during this time I have throughly enjoyed working with various clients and their fitness goals and needs.  While we know how important strength training is for all, I have also enjoyed educating clients on the importance of a strong and stable core.  A stable core helps prevent injury, and it also helps with posture and balance. This is especially important for older clients.  As a dancer and teacher I love the opportunity to be creative with my programs and sessions.  If you have ever had the pleasure to work with me, then you know just how much I like to incorporate some type of arabesque or plank variation with a ball, and for good reason!

Having a great core is so important not just as a dancer, nor for use in the gym, but for everyday life.  Lifting heavy boxes, sitting at your desk while at work, gardening and cleaning the house are all activities and great examples as to why our core is so important.  Your core is responsible for stabilising  your entire body and without it, your balance can be impaired.  Having control of your balance allows us to move in different directions with ease, stay steady on uneven surfaces, walk in your 6 inch heals, and especially for our older clients, reduces your risk of falls.  This is a big one and is why at ALTA we are passionate about getting our older generations to move.  So that everyday tasks are made easier.  ‘Switching on your core’, zipping your bellybutton through your spine or activating your core (whatever cue you relate to more) should almost be second nature.

I’ll end with a little tip I often share with my clients to help you think about your core and how you can adapt to actively use it throughout everyday life.  Next time you are driving and there is a red light, or you are on the tram and it comes to a stop along your route, or perhaps you are walking and you are waiting for the green man to signal; Take a big belly breath, brace your core until you “GO” again.  Before you know it, switching on your core will be a positive habit in the gym and in your daily life!