7 thoughts on “ALTA Talks Episode 13 – “What I know about the Food Industry and Reading Food Labels”

    1. Good question I’ll give you a copy, some are a total avoid, others are mildly avoid!

    2. Nicky Eller Sorry took so long, for some reason I can’t comment as ALTA so I’m doing via my personal. The list is extensive so here are some additives to avoid -Colours are 102,104,107,110,120,122-129,132,142,150,151,155,160b,171 and all natural colourings. Preservatives 200-203, 210,213, 220-228, 249,252,280-283, Citric Acid, Carrageenan. Flavours 620-625, 627,631,635 – these are just a few, I have the list up at the studio. xx

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