2022 Your Year of Health Check In

Amazingly we are nearly into the 2nd quarter of the year!  In February, there was lots of discussion and some forms handed out to our members looking at what Your Year of Health for 2022 may look like!

Now the question is – Are you thinking about it?  In progress but not quite doing it?  Are you on to it? Or are you kicking goals!!!  From what the team and I are observing, it is a bit of all of those things, everyone is at different stages.

If I was to look in and assess myself. I am more than happy to share that – I’m not kicking it… YET but I am on my way. Here’s my update!!

  • Yoga – yep back on track mostly – I’ve have let my teens activities some weeks take priority.
  • Sunday – walk / run / bike something – yep kicking this one! We’ve done the 1000 steps, rode 54k along the Yea/Yarck rail trail, went for a walk with JC and last weekend another 28k ride – I don’t put pressure on myself as I want it to be something that is more joyful or fun.
  • Recently I decided to try to drink less wine – I’m on to this one – not kicking it but 4 alcohol free days a week so far.  I am so happy with this progress- it’s my journey.
  • S&C training Wednesday morning – this one has been a fail 🙁 but again not going to let this go off the rails, I’m making more of an effort during the day to pick up some heavy stuff and of course the SkiErg challenge is on!

So we want to know from you… How are you going with your 2022 Health and Wellness Goals?  Please talk to us during your sessions, I know for one I am working hard to keep on track with clients I personally see, so don’t be hesitant, talk to Estelle, JC, Will, Jason, Scott or Andrew or just email me. This is our service to you, we are not here to judge you in anyway or form we are here to help you succeed.

 If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.