Unretirement – what is this all about? Keeping your mind active and healthy routines

Unretirement is a growing trend, around the globe, where people who had previously retired are finding themselves living a life that was not what they expected, financially, personally and emotionally. They have then decided to return to the workforce – to “unretire”. These are people in their 50s through 80s who had retired on pensions or savings – or both – but ultimately woke up to the fact that they want more from life than sitting on the porch watching the sunset!

Research has shown that whilst the main reason given was the financial need to do so, more and more retirees are returning to the workforce for much more personal reasons. Indeed, many more people ‘unretire’ to regain a sense of purpose (often lost after retiring) as they feel they still have something to contribute. Others are doing it because they are bored and for social and health reasons. Evidence has also shown that working is an important ingredient in staying healthy, in mind, spirit and body.

People may return to the same industries they were in prior to retiring or opt for something completely new. In some instances where people ‘unretire’ for non-financial reasons, they may opt for volunteering and unpaid roles. Roles where they believe they can add value and make a positive contribution.

So, as 70 becomes the new 40, life expectancies grow, and advances in technology change the way we work, we find ourselves in a new phase of life. One where we find ourselves wanting to find true connections with people, through our work and lifestyle.  We want to experience a greater sense of fulfilment in what we do, whether that be giving back, both physically and mentally, to this amazing universeTo live our best life!

And if this sounds like you, then it is still extremely important to keep up your physical fitness, sound nutrition, sleep, reducing life stressors and good relationships so that you can live long healthy lives.

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