Tracking Goals and Intentions: Are You Achieving Them or Just Treading Water?

Well, here we are near halfway through the year and I’m wondering are you achieving what you wanted to this year or do you feel as if you’re just treading water?

The 1st of Jan isn’t the only time to set goals or intentions, in fact it is often the worst especially if you are just thinking of a goal, ambition or intention just for the sake of it. Every day is a good day to do this especially when you get to the point of enough, I’ve had enough of dreaming or thinking but not doing!!

I love this saying ‘Foresight is good, Hindsight is better’! I use this saying when I have realised, I’ve missed out on something big or made a mistake and then realised I missed a great opportunity by not acting on it prior. Yoga is this for me.  I’ve started it and I’m going but I’m disappointed I’m not doing it every single week. After a month of big hikes and cycling I’m disappointed in myself as I’ve pulled up with sore knees and I know in hindsight Yoga would have helped with strengthening and stretching to minimise the pain (in my case maybe the PT needs to get a PT! or blame it on teens who need to be picked up from sport or taken somewhere!!)

So, when it comes to your fitness, health and wellbeing and how you thought the year might be looking but in reality isn’t, then talk to us. Linda & JC are taking one-on-one Goals & Intention coaching sessions to help you achieve them or set them – just click here and make a booking.  The cost is normal PT pricing, and as always we have got your back to help & support you achieve whatever it is for you.

 If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.