Making Intentions for your Session or is it Making Your Session an Intention?

I hear often before a yoga or mediation session to make an intention – an intention of what I’d like to get from the session. An intention in this sense is a directed impulse of consciousness to the thought of what you like to create – well that is how I’m interpreting it. So for example my intention may be to feel calm, to remain focussed to the practice, to keep breathing, just do this session for me or recently is was to have some quiet time to myself.

Then I was talking to someone who sets an intention each day and she warned me not to make it a big intention. It should be small and achievable. Example – a big one would be lose 10kgs and as you know that isn’t going to happen in a day. To make it smaller and achievable in one day it could be, eat no sugar or sweet food today – now that I can do!

I quite like making an intention, call it a little goal. And I thought how could I make that work at our studio and for our clients in either of two ways.

1. Make intentions for your session…
When you awaken or before you arrive to your session your intention could be ‘My intention today is…’

  • To up my weights by 1kg
  • To achieve a personal best
  • I will have boundless energy
  • To reward myself for turning up
  • Ask my trainer for some homework exercises

2. Making your session your intention
When you awaken set your intentions for the day. They could read like this

  • Today I will do 30mins of exercise
  • Today I will say out loud one thing I am grateful for
  • Today I will eat salad for lunch
  • Today I will say a nice word to a stranger
  • Today I will call my mum
There are a million things but choose something small and I think that little by little it will grow to wonderful outcomes or reaching a goal. And you can think them, say them out loud or write them down.