Welcome, we hope you enjoy this free guide to healthier eating

What you’ll learn

  • Why are we struggling to eat well
  • The gut and its role
  • Fats the good and the bad
  • The importance of protein
  • Carbohydrates the ones to look for the ones to avoid
  • Why organic
  • Reading food labels
  • Common Diets
  • And some homework if you’d like to get you started

Diets don’t work for the long run. A healthy eating lifestyle does. Whilst we are all different, some foods affect one but not another. But what we do know is that eating good wholesome foods, the less processed the better. With an array of fresh vegetables, fruits, protein, good fats, fibre and plenty of fresh water you can’t go wrong.

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IMPORTANTLY: Please note that this guide is not suitable for pregnant women and it is also recommended that all individuals seek professional medical advice before making changes to your exercise or diet. The information, ideas and suggestions we make in this program are purely from JC and I and they are not substitutes for consulting with your health professional.