Sleep is very important to our wellbeing


This week our hints and tips are about sleep – lately we have been listening and reading a lot about sleep – JC is jealous that I fall asleep very quickly, more often than not sleep the whole way through the night and lately wake up to our ‘Wake Up Light Alarm’ feeling refreshed and ready to start the day – JC on the other hand usually takes awhile to fall asleep and wakes often – why is that? Not sure but I think the link to the Chek Institute talk on sleep is worth a listen 
Our take home tips are  
  • Sleep is super important
  • If you are eating healthy, exercising, doing all the right (well most of the right) things but not getting the sleep you need you are negating all the good effects
  • We need 8-9 hours good sleep a night, 
  • 9.30-10pm to bed is ideal, 
  • No blue lights after dinner (computers, iphones etc), 
  • Get 30mins of sunlight a day, without sunglasses/sunscreen (best in the morning), 
  • Wake up with the sun or with the Wake Up Light Alarm like us 
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