Sexton Chiropractic Services Talk

Michael Sexton gave a great talk on his philosophy Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well. He spoke how he comes from a family of Chiropractors and why he was so passionate about all aspects of health and how maintenance and prevention is key to living a healthier life.  Many people wait until they have an injury only then to find out that it could have been preventable should they have been doing the right things. Such as eating well (more whole foods, less processed), moving well (exercise, posture), thinking well (reducing stress as we are living in a chronically stressed society). What engaged him to be a Chiropractor was it utilises movement, in particular of the spine, in a natural way without the need for drugs (in the majority of cases). 

JC also got us interactive and took everyone through an exercise as well at the end throwing and catching a small ball with a partner, changing it up by standing on one leg, then the other, the one eye closed, then the other – you get the drift!

We had 11 people attend in all and I believe we all walked away with a greater appreciation of looking after our health.