The Plank

You may ask “Why is JC holding a long pole on Linda’s back whilst she is holding a plank?” – good question! It’s because we all know that the plank is one of the better strengthening exercises, which is classified as an isometric (no movement) exercise, and we want to be sure you are creating strength and stability whilst also creating good postural habits i.e. a neutral spine.

It’s quite easy to drop your head and/or your hips whilst doing a plank however by slumping you create more problems for yourself in the longer run such as lower back and shoulder problems.  Using the stick a few times will help to give you bio neural feedback to holding that position (where your body is in space). Give it a go at home, grab your broom, partner/friend and get them to place it along your spine. The stick should touch the back of your head, shoulders and tail bone with only a small, 2 finger gap on the lower back.

The plank can also be taken to another level by placing your elbows on the swiss ball thus creating a more challenging exercise.