Squatting is integral to our lifestyle

We squat all day – to sit down, get in the car, go to the toilet and it is integral to our lifestyle and as humans we are designed to do so. However with our sedentary lifestyle where we sit to eat, drive, do work, watch tv, we have lost the ability to do a full squat and this inability to balance over our own centre of gravity is prone to make us fall over. Often we fall backward and can hurt ourselves and for the elderly this can result in hip fractures. Also, medial rotational instability leads to dysfunctional squat patterns with the knees turning in causing excessive shear and torsion to knee joints. Learning to do a proper squat with us at the studio will help you in your everyday life or watch this video and try at home – there is nothing to fear we do it everyday but there is a correct way and a not so correct way!

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