2017 In Review….

2017 whizzed by and for JC, myself,  Jack & Jessica it could be put down to the busiest year we’ve ever had. What with the business growing, Jack moving to a new school at Abbotsford Convent and Jessica playing Football and getting into a Rep basketball team it felt at times we were just running from spot to spot but it was all worth it! We have so much to be grateful for and we wanted to share with you a little reflection and hopes this prompts you to do the same. So here goes…

Jack moving to a new school has been our biggest change but the driving 2 hours a day there and back has been absolutely worth it, his reading and knowledge continues to surprise us. We are also as equally proud of Jessica who works at school so hard and a dream come true for her, she was awarded School Captain for 2018. My studies continue and JC & Lisa have been continually updating their skills. Lisa also has had a big year with a busy family and working around shift work with her husband and she is now pretty much booked out here on the days she works. JC and I have joined in a few running, skiing and bike riding events which we love doing often with Jen & Ellie who are clients as well good friends.

We travelled more than expected – all family related, New Zealand to my sisters and twice to see JC’s families and as many of you know that they are 95 & 90 years old and Liz had a fall so going over for Christmas was important plus I love JC’s family as my own.

Luckily for us our health & our family’s has been great for the most part but we know for many of our clients the year has not been so kind and our thoughts, condolences and deepest wishes is that 2018 is kinder to you and hope that you find some peace in those trying events life sends our way.

We have much to be grateful for at ALTA, we have welcomed many a new client, we hosted our first birthday party, had talks from Sexton Chiropractic, Peter Johnston on Nutrition, the Ski Erg Challenge, we started Mission 100 and in all donated and raised (including Febfast) over $500 as a personal commitment to our community and of course we got to celebrate the lovely Kay’s 90th birthday which was a highlight for me. We also had lots of other activities and more planned for 2018.

We’d love to hear your reflections of 2017 and if you would ever like to offer up some tidbit or advice on your experiences let us know we love hearing them and implementing them when we can such as information on Dementia and tips on how to prevent thanks to Margaret.

Next step is thinking about want we want to achieve in 2018, for me finish study, for JC more time at home and to do his own exercise and I can’t speak for Lisa but I know for her family is priority, her son starts High School and her daughter is very sporty, in fact a really fast runner we hear.

Lastly, quick updates we have Bring a Friend Week for the week of the 15th Jan and we are starting a ‘Happiness Jar’ where we ask you in joining us to write down the good things that happened and we can share some of them at next years End of Year party BUT too soon to be thinking of that!

For now, welcome back to everyone returning this week and the following weeks we are looking forward to holiday stories and really looking forward to 2018 and helping all our clients to be fitter, healthier and happier.


Cheers Jean-Claude, Linda & Lisa – the ALTA Fitness team

One of our rides into Melbourne with the family