Bring A Friend Week 15th – 20th Jan

Show your friends the joy and benefits of exercise and have a bit of fun!

Next week is Bring a Friend week at ALTA Fitness and we have already heard that we have some guests coming along to join in the joy of exercise with their friends or family..

Obviously the primary reason is to share the gift of health and fitness with your friends, family or work colleagues but it doesn’t hurt that you both get your session for free and we hope that they will join us again!

Also, for every friend who joins ALTA Fitness for 3 month term you receive $100 cash as a sincere thank you from us.

This is a great opportunity to show your friends what we are all about…and really for you to change his or her life.  If they’re scared or skeptical, even better.  Let us take care of them.

We really appreciate having people like you who are truly committed to their goals and the success of their own fitness, and we would like more people like you to join us.

PS. If you’re bringing your friend in with you, let us know so we can welcome them.