Keep warm in winter and exercise – Summer Bodies are made in Winter

I haven’t written anything for awhile, we’ve been super busy doing workshops at our studio and outside of it, helping our local community but with the cold settling in Melbourne and the leaves falling off the trees around our beautiful suburbs of Canterbury, Surrey Hills and Camberwell many of our friends, family and clients are heading off for some warmth but now is not the time to stop your fitness regime. So I have put together 5 quick tips and activities you can do whilst away – be mindful when choosing exercises that they suit your level of fitness and capability and we’ll still be here waiting for you on return to boost your fitness for the warmer months to come!

  1. Walk or go for a run – holidays are the best time to walk be it a leisurely walk to the market or a run. The beauty is that on holiday’s you have more time to look around and you are guaranteed to always see something interesting like the local flora or fauna or a beautiful sunrise.
  2. Plank it – You can do a plank really anywhere, try in your holiday room/house depending on your level do 5 sets of 10-60 seconds
  3. Squats – Again can be done anywhere, find a park bench/chair and just lightly touch the seat with your behind and stand up again, try 3 sets of 10
  4. Spiky Balls – take a spiky ball in your bag or suitcase, they are small and light weight and take the time to run along the soles of your feet, or against a wall and find any of those tender spots, especially if you have been sitting in a plane or long car ride
  5. Push ups – Now don’t go saying what I can’t do a push up! – you can beginning with the simplest being up against a wall, on the back of a park bench/chair, do knee push ups or full push ups, try doing 3 sets of 5-10