Deadlifts – Give them a try!

This week I’m talking about something I am most passionate about in fitness and that is the Strength Training. I have done many sports, Basketball, Swimming, Running, Triathlons but none of these have made me as strong as doing Strength Training, particularly in the squat rack area. I can tell you when I was first introduced to Strength Training 5 years ago I was totally intimidated by the thought – “What lifting weights, building bulky muscles, that’s not for me!” However, what I did learn through persevering was it actually slimmed down my legs, helped my core and strengthened my whole body over and has made me stronger as well as giving me endurance. So, today I’m going to give some tips on doing deadlifts – my favorite!

  • Deadlift Rules! First up, don’t be intimated especially here at ALTA, your safe and among friends. Deadlifts are what we do in daily life however many of us are doing them incorrectly and suffer back, knee and shoulder problems, on the other hand, correct deadlifts is an overall body strengthening exercise making us move through life better.
    1. Form – Form matters! Can’t stress this enough, how we set up before the lift all the way to standing upright to setting the bar back down is the most important step and ensures you do not sustain any injuries. You have to be able to squat properly and for some this means we start outside the rack learning how to squat properly, keeping heels on the ground, nice curve to your lower back, good grip and also how to use your breathing to maximize the lift.
    2.  Focus – Yes sometimes getting your mind around the lift can be an exhilarating or inhibiting factor as your weight and sets and reps increases or decreases. Always start off at a suitable weight and keep track of how you are progressing i.e. this week 3 sets of 12 reps at 20kg or 5 sets of 5 reps at 60kg. Our bar weights 20kg then, as many of you know, we start adding small increments – trust your trainer and yourself to know when enough is enough and in time you will add more.
    3. Rest – When I say rest there are 2 types of rest. Rest 1 is between sets, resting for 1-2 minutes between lifts or as we often do an active recovery which can be a complimentary exercise in between. Rest 2 have a rest day, you don’t have to deadlift or lift weights every day. Waiting 48 hours after working a specific muscle group avoids overworking muscles and injury. You may do deadlifts once a week, or legs one day, arms another day but a rest in between means your body gets to recover properly.