What are we doing to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID_19)?

To our wonderful clients and community,

It is uncertain times and we know that everyone is concerned about the spread and possible consequences of the Coronavirus and it is a fragile time. And as a service based business forefront in our mind is the wellbeing of you, our clients.

Given the current climate we have heightened our cleaning and hygiene practices at the Studio (& homes) to ensure we aim for the highest standards. As you are aware I (Linda) am always pedantic in the cleanliness of the studio but feel we need to put more measures in place. As a team will be undertaking strict measures and we ask kindly that you wouldn’t mind taking some extra measures too when you are coming in for your sessions.Here are some of the additional steps that we are taking at the studio:

  • Hand sanitizers will be at the front entrance and at the water cooler.
  • Mandatory mat cleaning after each clients use.
  • Providing anti-bacterial wipes for use on equipment which are at various points around the studio.
  • Bathrooms have had cotton towels removed and paper towel is now available to dry hands.
  • Regularly wiping down heavy traffic surfaces and door handles.
  • Using disinfectant & sprays regularly around the studio throughout the day.
  • Requesting that our teachers limit the use of hands-on assists.

As an aside we are trying very hard to have enough tissues, sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes but as you would all be aware the recent panic buying has made it hard for us have a large enough volume on hand but we strive to source.You are welcome, and we encourage you, to take any or all of the following measures to support yourself during this time:

  • Bringing your own hand towel to class.
  • Making use of our hand sanitizers when in the studios or bringing your own
  • Washing your hands thoroughly and regularly – our bathrooms have full soap dispensers and paper towels – note one sheet can easily wipe your hands dry
  • Bringing your own water bottle, perhaps even filled before you arrive
  • Ensuring that, if you feel unwell, that you stay home and rest.

Finally, it is a situation that no one wants to be in and we are here to support each and everyone of you, where we can. We encourage each of you to keep up your exercise during this period as it is well documented that keeping fit, exercising, eating well and good sleep help to maintain the healthy functioning of your immune system.

Also as an additional resource following is the link to Australian Government Department of Health Resources that you can read and / or down load for more information. https://www.health.gov.au/resources/collections/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-resources

Take care, and we look forward to seeing you in the studio soon.

With your wellbeing in mind,
JC, Linda and the ALTA Fitness Team