We’re busy with videos, come take a look

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We’ve been busy making videos and I’m so proud of Estelle and JC for getting these video’s together over the last few days so we can help keep our community be fitter, healthier and happier! More will be coming soon but check this one out if you’d like some ideas to exercise from home.

This video gives you ideas for your home work out. It is designed to show beginner, intermediate to advanced exercise routines. When watching you can choose your level of ability and fitness.

Commencing https://youtu.be/6Uimjm_Xjxg

0:00mins – Starter Level – appropriate for someone who is just starting out

3:00mins – Beginner Level – for those who have some experience

5:51mins – Intermediate Level – you will need to have done some exercise and be able to push to the next level of your fitness

9:25mins – Advanced – These exercises require a good level of skill, body awareness, strength and stamina.

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