Episode 5 with Casey Wright Olympic Cross Country Skier

Anyone who knows us knows we are avid skiers, especially Cross Country (XC) Skiing.

We welcome Casey to join us to have a chat about her career as an XC athlete having been on the Australian National Team since 2012, has been to 4 World Championships (2x junior, 1x U23, 1x senior), Asian Winter Games, Sapporo Japan, where Casey was a bronze medallist, 2018 Winter Olympics, and raced at the World Cup.

We are looking forward to talking with Casey about her experiences and her thoughts from an athlete and females view on Fitness, Health & Happiness.

13 thoughts on “Episode 5 with Casey Wright Olympic Cross Country Skier

  1. Thinking back on our talk with Casey, top of mind I was impressed that Casey has a great balanced approach. 1. Being aware of her body, knowing when to rest, when she can train hard. 2. To love her body type and use it to her advantage such as sprint races 3. Have other interests. Thanks again #caseywright

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