Don’t be Underestimated- Especially when it comes to your fitness!!

Its always interesting when someone says to you “Oh I’m surprised you have done so well”. Ouch! I think it was meant to be a compliment but it translates to “Oh I didn’t think you were that good!”

Have you had that before, someone underestimates you or you are overlooked? I was reading an article just about this and it made me think that in our ‘world of fitness’ we see and hear this often, in fact sometimes even I may have underestimated your level of fitness or capability but then I am so excited when proven wrong. Or maybe it is a friend or family member who underestimated you – now this we hear often!

Vanessa Van Edwards from Science of People says that the reasons for this may be – People don’t really understand you, or you’ve hidden your true value or you underestimate yourself.

So, I thought I’d turn the article I read and picked a few steps (from the 11 she wrote) to help us learn how to NOT be underestimated (or let you underestimate yourself!) when it comes to your fitness and your fitness goals.

  1. Do you underestimate yourself? You might be doing this because you are not getting enough feedback, are you hearing the words – Perfect, nice job, there you go (JC’s favourite), let’s try it this way. If you’re not getting it, ask for feedback as you maybe doubting your capabilities. And I can tell you, more often than not, that people underestimate their balance – you know who you are!
  2. Be a Giver. I know this sounds funny but we see it all the time, when a client compliments another client on their exercise, say lifting a heavy weight, then that person is likely to say (or think) hey I’m not bad at this, I can do even better. And in turn there is the ‘Giving Loop’, giving encouragement and compliments is contagious and before you know it you realise that you are more than capable and sharing success’.
  3. Embrace the Naysayers.  Ooooh I like this one! Ever hear of the man Dick Rowe who turned down the Beatles. What if they had listened to the Naysayers? Ever had someone say, “What you’re going to run a marathon, I’d like to see that!” Or you’re too fat, too old, too young, too skinny to build muscle or hike Cradle Mountain Hut Walk – Naysayers!!! But hold onto them sometimes they can be your motivator to prove them wrong, this is a perfect time to use your frustration or anger to spur you on and say ‘Take that!’. On the other hand though keep your Dream Builders & Supporters even closer, those who cheer you on and don’t underestimate your dreams and capabilities.
  4. Increase your confidence. NBC News (2017) said that up to 85% people have low self esteem. So changing confidence overnight or all in one go may be tough but this is why we always ask, what is your goal for coming to ALTA? So set a goal, picture it, write it down, share it with us and we can work with you to achieve it. And for every little achievement on the way your confidence in yourself will grow and seriously take the time to acknowledge them.
  5. Stop people pleasing Yep, I like to be liked or maybe you say yes when you want to say no – if we don’t want to be underestimated let’s become less apologetic – don’t apologise for existing or setting boundaries or stating what you want, your fitness goal is yours, no one else’s. Do what is important to you and in the act of becoming fitter, stronger, healthier you’ll know you’ve doing the right thing for you.
  6. Focus on yourself. Think of yourself as a bank, the more you invest in yourself, the better you become. Now this is particularly relevant to your fitness (though the article was on a different tangent but I can manipulate this to our cause). You are the only one who can stop other people from underestimating you reaching your goals. It’s your step to make it truly happen so grab a pen and paper and write down what you need – it could look something like this
    1. My goal is to run 10k. I need to run twice a week, I need to do a strength session (with us of course!) once a week, I need to go to bed by 10pm every night, I need to keep hydrated min. 8 glasses of water, I need good running shoes…breathe… you may not get everything on the list but make the list. See I forgot something – eat well, good protein, good fats, lots of vegetables.

Now you are amazing, all of you, if you have read this it is because you want to not be underestimated – stay persistent, stay fearless, be kind to yourself and importantly to others as you will spread the word – don’t underestimate me!

If you’d like to read the article (not my interpretation in regards to fitness & note I have given my own views as well) click here, I love Vanessa Van Edwards and her advice!